AR-57 Coming Out Soon – Licensed by AR Five Seven

Brian Holt Holding the New AR-57 by Echo1 USA

Echo1 USA is soon to come out with the new AR-57. History on the AR-57 or AR Five-Seven is that it’s based on a real steel caliber conversion that changes the standard M4/AR15 from 5.56mm NATO to intermediate 5.7x28mm round and magazines. The AR-57 has the same great feel as an M4 but due to the smaller cartridge, it also offers extremely low recoil and high ammo capacity over the standard M4. The 5.7mm round has high lethality and armor defeating capability even up to 200 yards, making it a great personnel defense weapon.

Brian getting ready to shoot the AR-57

The airsoft version faithfully recreates this gun in every detail, and will come fully licensed and engraved with AR Five Seven Trademarks. At its heart is the metal monolithic upper receiver which holds the 5.7mm style magazine.

AR-57 Hop Up Unit - Echo1 USA

The upper receiver has long continuous rails running along the sides and under the barrel. Its short overall length and collapsible stock make this a great CQB weapon. The AR-57 is a completely unique design that should stand out from the crowd of other M4s that are out on the market today.

AR-57 by Echo1 USA Low Light Epic Picture

Stay tuned to Echo1 as this great AEG is coming out soon.


  • Full metal construction
  • Monolithic railed upper receiver
  • Uses 5.7mm style magazines (lowcap, highcap, external box magazines)
  • Compact size for CQB
  • Collapsing stock

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