Airsplat’s Birthday Bash!


AirSplat will be throwing our Anniversary Birthday Bash Event this Saturday September 27th to mark our 15 years in the business, 1 year retail store in Los Angeles, and 2 years in Seattle Washington! Join them on their special celebration1

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General Assault Tool (GAT)


The Echo1 General Assault Tool (GAT) has been talked about for some time with rumors and hopes that it will be released someday soon. All of us here at Echo1USA were excited to release the news of our new project a little too soon but it will be worth the wait. We are becoming more known for making some out of left field projects for example the AR57, ZB30 and the (GAT) and the reason for this is that we enjoy firearms and what to see more variety in the airsoft world instead of a new M4. You maybe asking why is the (GAT) taking so long to produce and bring to the market and you wanted it a couple years. the main reason is to make sure the product is able to handle the abuse and keep on going. The early samples were good but with the new gearbox design they would crack and being airsofters ourselves we did not want to release it and disappoint you guys.


We did complicate it with a select fire switch since the real firearm does not have a traditional safety and for our Airsoft version that was needed.

Being that it is an electric airsoft gun or (AEG)  we had to make the parts fit inside the body and then where does the battery go? For a while we were working on a tri-panel lipo that would go in the barrel assembly but we stopped that since the process might deter some people from wanting the (GAT) so we started a front grip to house the mini battery.


By this time the product has been tuned and ready for its first gameplay with Airsoftolgy Jonathan when he was at Airsoft Tactical with Brian. Check out the video here of the (GAT) in action for the first time.

The new pistol grip did not make it in time for the event but they made due with a small lipo attached to the heat guard of the (GAT).


Once the bolt on front grip is completed and a final stress test it will be released and it will be well worth the wait. The advantage of the (GAT) and it being electric is that it uses a standardized parts list including: Piston and Piston Head, 8mm metal bushings, Gear Set, Short Motor, Anti-Reversal Latch and Inner Barrel. The other parts such as the trigger switch, cylinder head nozzle and tappet plate are proprietary due to the alignment in the body but keep in mind we have spare parts on hand and we work closely with Modify so upgrade parts are an option.  You will be able to upgrade and tune the (GAT) to your liking.

SC Village OP: Black Shield 2014


The Echo1 crew visited SC Village in Corona to support OP: Black Shield 2014. This was a very exciting 2 day event for airsofters. There were mini games and prizes for the best players.

2014 Echo1 Operation East Rush


Gear Up! Echo1 is coming to the East Coast.

Echo1 USA is teaming up with StrikeForce Sports in Deer Park, New York to bring you Operation East Rush. This is another installment of Echo1’s Signature Event Series which is open only to Echo1 users.  Players are invited to a private game to be held at StrikeForce Sports on Sunday May 18, 2014. Join the Echo1 and StrikeForce Sports staff for intense CQB action.

For only $20s, purchasing your ticket will secure your entry to the game and you will also receive:

·       A complementary 5000 round bag of .20 gram Echo 1 BBs  (MSRP valued at $20)
·       A Complementary Echo1 Gift Bag packed with goodies
·       One raffle ticket for the drawing at the end of the day (you could win a new gun!)
·       Side prizes for completing objectives throughout the games
·       Free lunch & Drinks

Raffle Prizes:

We will be giving away:

- 1 Echo1 HMG

- 2 Mystery AEGs

- 2 Defcon Wardog Packs

- 2 Defcon Chest Rigs

- 1 Echo1 tan Timberworlf  with tan Spetz Gear kydex Holster

- 1 SOG 68

We will also give tons of giveaways: patches, gun cases, BBs, Kill Rags etc

Echo1 staff will also be there on hand to answer questions and help Echo1 users to get the most out of your equipment as well as help with any technical advice. More details and surprizes will be announced as the game date approaches. Be a part of this unique airsoft event and sign up today!

There is no age limit for this event, but if you are a minor you will need a signed waiver form from your parents.

***** This event is open only to players who use an Echo1 AEG as a primary weapon. Your gun will be verified on site.*****


Here is a link to download  StrikeForce Sports Waver form


StrikeForce Sports
450 Commack Rd
Deer Park, NY 11729

You can purchase your tickets on EventBrite: