The RedStar AKM

Echo1 USA AK

Wanting to get into the ‘AK game” but not sure to what to get since there are so many to choose from. Well the RedStar AK series will be your top pick from the price to performance makes them stand above the rest. The RedStar AKM is the rifle we will check out. In the low two hundred dollar range it is very affordable but it is actually costing much more if you built one up to match this from another AK. The steel body and real wood give the RedStar AKM a great look and finish.

ECHO1 AK Airsoft
(The best Airsoft AK

The RedStar AKM comes with a metal AK hop up unit. Many times the hop up unit is over looked but for an AK it is very important. Due to the seating of the AK magazine the extension tube of a plastic hop up unit can be broken or damaged making the AK inoperable. With the RedStar AKM and the use of the metal hop up unit that is bolted into the barrel and surrounded by a steel body the magazine will lock into place and have a secure and flawless feed for normal use or even high speed upgrades.

Echo1 lipo Airsoft

Speaking of high speed the RedStar AKM and other RedStar series are able to use the Echo1 Lipo’s. As shown in the picture above the Lipo #2 which is a brick type is able to fit inside the wood stock as a snug fit that is secured by the steel stock plate and screws. When on the run with the AKM you should use your sling since there is a front and rear sling mount on the rifle.

Echo1 AK Airsoft gears

Steel on the outside and on the inside for the RedStar series. The AKM uses a high torque short motor along with the steel gears. The motor will give you a fast and crisp trigger response and the gears will not let you down. To keep the gears sitting perfect in the gearbox they are shimmed and held in place by 7mm steel ball bearings that decrease friction and increase the rate of fire and battery life.

Echo1 airsoft ak gearbox

The RedStar AKM is built very tough inside and out from the real wood and steel body and parts to the metal and steel parts for the internals making it an upgraded AK out of the box and ready for you on the field. The AKM will have great range from the brass inner barrel that is using the MadBull orange bucking for an improved air seal and then the metal hop up unit as mentioned before to keep it all rock solid while shooting. The gearbox is a version 3 type giving you thousands of other upgrade options if you choose to do so.

Echo1 redstar AKM airsoft

Overall the RedStar AKM is a great rifle for you if you wanted to get into the world of AK’s for airsoft being that it is built very solid from the wood and steel parts on the outside and you don’t have to upgrade the AKM when you get since it is already done for you. Check out our website for the other RedStar AK’s and if you are looking for a CQB AK check out the CPM vs BOLT blog.

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Written by Brian Holt

M14 Combat Master Inside the Gearbox

The Echo1 M14 Combat Master is one of the more popular DMR rifles in our line up. Recently we covered the M14 series in a M14 blog and we were flooded with emails about the M14 Combat Master and more info on it so we answered your questions. Brian has gone through the entire rifle from the outside to the inside and putting it all back together again to help you through the steps if you want to upgrade or take apart your Combat Master M14 yourself.

Check out the video above to get the info you need but there are some side track videos on just the M14 Hop Up Unit and the M14 Gearbox Assembly to keep the video a little shorter so make sure you check those out as well.

Echo1 M14 Combat Master gearbox

As pointed out in the video it is very hard to release the Anti Reversal latch like you would for a regular V2/ M4 gearbox to reduce spring tension and better keep the parts in place. the parts will jump out of place but with the video will help you put everything back in place.

Modify V7 anti reversal latch

Brian pointed out how the Modify V7 Anti Reversal Latch would be the best part to install and use if you are going to be working on your rifle and want to keep your gearbox neater. Notice the slot on the top of the axle? The slot is for a flat head screw driver to allow you to twist the latch away from the bevel gear stops from the outside of the gearbox. All the Modify Anti Reversal Latches have this feature.

Echo1 M14 Combat Master gearbox

The M14 Combat Master, SOC16 and traditional M14 all use the Version 7 type gearset which is a smaller Spur gear as shown at 13:15. You will have to keep this in mind when buying upgrade gears which are mostly torque up styles to take advantage of the DMR or sniper roles the M14′s can do on the field.

Echo1 M14 gearbox video

The right side of the M14 gearbox will have the selector switch and safety parts and several other small parts that are shown in the Gearbox Assembly video.

Echo1 M14 gearbox video

The left side the M14 Gearbox will be more time consuming and have more parts. The cut off lever and trigger contact springs will be very tricky to install without them flying across the room so make sure you take your time. All the parts will be able to freely move and slide when assembled before you install and screw on the cover plate. Make sure the four screws for the cover plate are in the correct placement as shown in the video here 31:25

Now that you have the gearbox assembled and ready to go you can finish putting the M14 Combat Master back together in the video that picks up here 29:25. Just remember to take your time and make sure everything fits together nice and easy and nothing will have to be forced or made to fit. With the correct tools and parts you can do just about anything with your M14 Combat Master.

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Written by Brian Holt

The RedStar CPM vs. BOLT

Time to hit the CQB field and you need a solid AK that constructed out of metal and is compact and ready for anything you will encounter. That will be a tough choice between the RedStar BOLT and CPM being that they both are great for the CQB environment but have different styles depending on what you want. Let us take a closer look at them both and let you decide what is best.

ECHO1 Redstar AK

As you look over the two models you will notice they are just about the same overall size and length making them great choices but the finer details is where they stand apart. The RedStar BOLT will be the more modernized version with the RIS and Crane stock while the RedStar CPM is more of the classic and simple but not out done version.

The best airsoft AK

Depending on what you need in the field will decide if you need a RIS or rail system on the front of your compact RedStar AK. With the rail system you have the option for more accessories such as vertical grip, flash lights and even a micro optic if you like but that will add up in weight and more things to get caught while running through the CQB field. Looking at the simple RedStar CPM and the lack of rails you will have a contoured hand guard which gives you a sturdy point to grip and less parts to get in the way. The CPM does have the option to have aftermarket rail kits mounted if you change your mind.

Tactical airsoft ak

Now the RedStar BOLT and CPM stand out when you compare the stocks. The CPM uses a traditional side folding metal stock that can lock in the open or folded position. With the CPM and the folded stock it basically cuts the length of the rifle in half making it ideal for CQB or even vehicle use. But with the folded stock you will block the use of the optic mount but the trade of is a front and rear sling point. On the other hand you have the RedStar BOLT and it uses a modern M4 Crane stock design to give the user a more stable shooting platform. The buffer tube in non-folding so it might get in the way if you are in a vehicle but practice and you can do anything. The buffer tube is milspec so you can install a MagPul stock if you like.

Airsoft AK hop up

The hop up units are both the traditional AK style hop ups but in this match the RedStar BOLT will win with the included metal hop up. Both are using the MadBull 60 degree bucking so that makes them great for accuracy and FPS.

Airsoft AK batteries

Both RedStar models use the hinge type dust cover for the battery storage. They both come with a AK type stick battery which is good to get started but if you need more fire power you can use the Echo1 Lipo #1 or buffer tube style battery. It will fit as long as you gently close the top cover and have it positioned to the back a little more.

echo1 ak parts

Once you have your new RedStar BOLT or CPM you can get some upgrade parts if you like. Being that they are using a Version 3 gearbox you can use the Echo1 High Speed 16:1 sets and a Modify Ultra Piston or any other parts you like. Wanting to use midcaps? The AK Dogs of War metal midcaps fit and work great and combined with the CPM CQB comp and Lipo #1 you will be set for the game.

Check out an upgrade video from BRIANatECHO1 and what he did with his BOLT to make it a High Speed and loud little AK for the local CQB field.

Here is the Gameplay video of the RedStar BOLT in action at the local indoor field. The setup makes it great for up close shooting.

After you have looked at both compact RedStar AK’s you should have a better guess on which one you need to get next for your CQB games.

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Written by Brian Holt

Limited Time Offer for FREE BBs

echo shop sale

For a limited time offer any orders $50 and above before shipping will receive a FREE 500 count bottle of .25 BBs. This is a great added value to your next purchase if it happens to be a few magazines or a new rifle. The BBs will not come with a hidden cost or extra shipping but just as a “thank you” on your next order. While supplies last for the BBs so check out the Echo1 Parts Shop today and start shopping.

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Written by Brian Holt

M4 Hop Ups and Inner Barrels

It is time to either upgrade your hop up unit or inner barrel but you don’t quite know how? Check out this quick “how to” video and blog to learn and save yourself some time and money for more parts later on!

This is the video from BRIANatECHO1 on how to remove the inner barrel and re install depending on what you need to see and learn. Also the second half of the video is how to assemble the Echo1 M4 hop up unit in case you bought a brand new one and it is all in parts.
This video and info will work for more than just Echo1USA products but all other Airsoft M4 rifles. The pictures below are from the same video and some more info in case you missed something.

Echo1 M4 hop up unit

The hop up unit is all taken apart and laid out on how the parts go together. This is how most M4 styled hop up unit are assembled for the one or two piece designs

Echo1 M4 hop up install

The small rubber nub will need to be held in place with silicone oil to keep in place as you work. Remember take your time and you will not have to force any parts together. Once aligned correctly and with the silicone oil all the parts will easily go together. The small silver washers with teeth inside can be bent while installing or removing and that is fine. Just make sure the parts secure the gears in place and keep them from falling off the hop up unit.

Echo1usa m4 hop up

Once the hop up unit is assembled you will see and fully understand how the unit works which is a great feeling from doing it yourself. As noted in the video you can use a small shim for a gear but on the adjuster wheel to better hold the wheel in place and keep it tight to lock it in place. Another trick would be to use a white out marker to mark your favorite settings. that would only be if you use the MadBull Crawler barrel.

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Written by Brian Holt

The M14 Series by Echo1USA

The M14 rifles have long been used for the DMR or Designated Marksmen Rifle in the real world and the same for the Airsoft world. Most Airsoft fields and events now allow the M14 series to have a higher FPS to truly match the power they have on the field and this allows for the DMR teams and even the sniper roles to happen and work on the Airsoft field.

Echo1 M14 rifles

There was first the full sized M14 with the faux wooden stock which is great for the field use with its very long inner barrel of 509mm and the full stock to house a large battery pack this made for a perfect DMR platform. The times have changed and instead of the open woods the engagement is now in the city and there is where the SOC16 comes into use.

Echo1 SOC16 barrel

The SOC16 uses a black polymer textured frame and a shorter barrel of only 455mm accompanied by a forward optic mount the user is able to shoot while on the move if needed. By doing this the user still has the firepower and range needed if upgraded but less rifle to get caught on objects while on the go.

Echo1USA M14 review

All three of the M14 rifles will come with the traditional rear sights that are fully adjustable for windage and elevation. It is always needed to have your rifle correctly sighted in and this allows you to do that.

Echo1Combat Master M14

The M14 rifle has become the work horse for the Airsoft teams and their DMR and it needed an upgraded look and feel to better suit the role on the field. This is where the M14 Combat Master enters the scene. The M14 Combat Master is like the SOC16 but with a modernized body. A full rail system on the front will allow for a bipod, laser and any other accesories that are needed. The long top rail and stripper clip section allow for the mounting of just about any scope or reflex optic. The M14 Combat Master is a tad more heavy than the older brothers and the front and rear sling loops are welcomed on the M14 Combat Master. The stock is no longer a traditional M14 or rifle stock but a M4 crane stock with a pistol grip to allow the user to be more at home with this rifle.

Echo1 M14 Gearbox

All of the M14 rifles use the solid Version 7 gearbox design that is made to fit inside the frame of the M14. With the streamline Version 7 gearbox in the M14 series this allows for a more traditional take down like you would find on the real rifle. This means for the upgrade options there are many to choose from when it comes to inner barrels, gearsets, cylinder sets and many more that can be found at your local store.

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Written by Brian Holt