A new Airsoft Field is opening! – Power Ops

Power Ops Airsoft field

A new Airsoft field opening is a big deal to all Airsofters since it is just like a new video and new map pack to run and find all the good spots. Well you guys and gals are in luck! The new field Power Ops in Atlanta, GA will be the hot new place to blast your friends!

Airsoft Atlanta Echo1USA
Airsoft Atlanta Echo1USA

The CQB location that is still being built as we speak will be opened on June 25th 2016 with a huge Grand Opening event you don’t want to miss. The rest of the field which is about 100,000 Square feet of playable space is ready for the big day!

Airsoft Atlanta Echo1USA
Airsoft Atlanta Echo1USA

The CQB field will be made out of solid plywood and built like a city that will contains several two story buildings, breach able doors and shipping containers to complete that look and feel of the Hollywood movies or your favorite video game but now literality in your back yard.

Airsoft Atlanta Echo1USA
Airsoft Atlanta Echo1USA

Echo1USA was able to check out the field and the progress and it is amazing. Tell your friends about this new field and you don’t want miss out on the Grand Opening on June 25th 2016. We will have raffle prizes and it will be a great day to start out a new Airsoft field called Power Ops!

The outdoor field section of Power Ops will have two main types of enviroments that consist of the CQB Iraqi city and a Vietnamese Jungle setting. These field types will allow for all kinds of players from the CQB to the Ghille snipers and everything else for a great day of Airsofting.

For more infomation you will need to check out Power Ops and their website for the rules, location and other details.

Check out the first video from the field! Once the field is open you will see more of the locations of course and Echo1USA will do its best to keep you updated as well!

Echo1 GAT video

A perfrect side arm or even primary for the CQB section would be the Echo1 GAT or RDP. Check out the video from Airsoft Atlanta and how the two compact AEG’s compare. Check out the video: Echo 1 GAT TEC-9 / SPECTRE – SMG Review

Echo1USA raffle prizes

For the grand opening of Power Ops we as Echo1USA will be have these raffle items up for grabs for the lucky players that are there that day! Several people will get the JAG Arms BBs in .25 weight which is the best BB on the market now days, a large amount of the players will get the Echo1 Kill Rags or Hats. The second place prize will be a Socom Gear Double Star 1911 pistol. A green gas pistol from Socom Gear. the grand prize will be the new Troy Industries Battle Rifle with the 10″ TRX hand guard. Being that the Troy TRX is all metal and covered in Troy Industries parts and a new gearbox already upgraded this will be an awesome prize for a lucky player.

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Written by Brian Holt

Echo1USA at the Raahauges Sports Fair 2016

Another fun summer weekend at the Raahauges Shooting range for the annual Sports Fair. The fair covers just about all outdoor activities that include Firearms for trap and target shooting, Archery, Airsoft Rifles, Pellet Rifles and even Fishing. This annual event focuses on bringing the family together in the great outdoors or to get into a new hobby since you get to try out everything.

Brian Holt airsoft

Many years ago Brian came to this same sports fair with his parents to shoot the pistols and rifles and he has been into the firearms and ever since. Now he is grateful to give back and help the youngsters learn how to shoot with Airsoft rifles and hopefully get them into the firearm world after.

Knights airsoft gun

The Airsoft rifles that the new shooters could shoot were the Knight’s SR16 Carbine. The rifle is only around five pounds so it is great for people of all sizes. Most of the youngsters and parents have never seen Airsoft up close and this was a great way to let them test it out.

Brian Holt airsoft Echo1

Now at the booth Brian is able to help coach the new shooters on the range. They had the choice of a basic looking SR16 or a customized version like what they see in the video games and they had fun. The parents enjoyed this as well seeing them get some hands on range time with the rifles and the proper guidance.

JAG Precision targets

The targets were the same steel targets that Brian and the other use for firearm practice which made a gentle ‘TING’ with the BB hits. The several targets made it fun for the shooters and also huge improvement from the soda cans some have shot at.

female shooter

Many of the younger shooters would be excited about their first time shooting and convince their Dad or Mom to even try it out. Some of the parents thought Airsoft is just for their children and not for adults but after hitting the targets they were happy with how much fun it was.

airsoft family

Seeing a family come together and have fun with Airsoft is a great sight. The older brothers have played Airsoft and moved into firearms and the younger brother following in their footsteps. This is how Airsoft can be used as a great training rifle with adult supervision to teach proper weapon handling skills which will be needed at the range in the years to come.

If you didn’t make it to this year’s Raahauges Sports Fair you can check out the quick recap of what we saw while we were there. As Echo1USA we have been going to these events to help welcome new and young shooters into the world of Airsoft and eventully the Firearm world. We have another video from our time at the 2011 Raahauges Sports Fair that you can check out as well.

california shooting range

The rest of the Raahauges Sports Fair will cover a lot of ground and weapons you can try as a test drive. Paying for just the ammo the cost is very affordable and you can try any pistol, rifle, shotgun or belt fed weapon at the fair.

Brian was able to go check out the other vendors at the show and the one that had the biggest crowd all weekend was Triple R Munitions that had several belt fed weapons.

The Raahauges Sports Fair comes around every year in Southern California and hope to see you out there next year.

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Written by Brian Holt

Echo1 parts at Airsoft GI

As an Airsofter you always need to know what your local store has since you never know when you need that spare part, battery, cans of gas and the list goes on. We have the the echo1shop.com for just our products but and it is an online store while Airsoft GI is a walk in store that will have our products and others as well.

echo1usa airsoft

Airsoft GI is located 21077 Commerce Point Dr. Walnut, CA and you cannot miss their giant sign. Inside you will find all the rifles, pistols and tactical gear but what is more impressive is the fact they stock a large amount of our gearbox parts which got our attention.

Echo1 csr gear Airsoft GI

Besides the regular M4 8mm gearbox and motors of ours they have the RedStar CSR gearset which is not a popular item since it is only for the CSR rifle and using the four gears it will not work in any other rifle but they have it in stock for you just in case you happen to need it.

Echo1 M14 gears

Another hard to find part will be the Echo1 M14 Spur gear which is different than the regular M4 type gear. Check out the M14 Takedown Video to learn more. This smaller gear and many other hard to find parts will be found at Airsoft GI and if you are not sure of what part you actually need their sales reps in the show room will be able to help you out.


Maybe you don’t need gearbox parts but other parts to upgrade or customize your rifle. This threaded front end for the Echo1 GAT is sitting in their glass case waiting for you to talk it to a CQB to play nicely with the other people.

echo1 combat sight

With more spare parts they carry they also have our Metal Combat Sights that you find on our Troy models and look great on any other rifle. Spending time looking through their store you will notice all the small parts you never really think about but they are needed.

Echo1USA magazines

After you have found your needed parts you always need more magazines just because. You will find our regular M4 Hicap and AK74 Hicap in addition to our SOB midcap and many other magazines.


Now that you are done shopping and headed out the door you will find a table with the current fliers for events and games to help keep you in the Airsoft BB loop. Coming out to these events will lead to new things from gun trades to new teammates and he possibilities are endless. Make sure you guys stop on by Airsoft GI to see for yourselves.

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Written by Brian Holt

Attachments for your rifle

Once you have your rifle such as the M4 ST6 or any other rifle you will need the little parts that many players over look until it is too late and they are on the field.

echo1usa parts shop

The parts in question are the mounts for slings since you will in the field for hours and holding the rifle will take a toll on you. There are many options and reasons on what you should get and why and we will cover them.

M4 RIS sling loop

The Echo1 Sling Mount Loop is a small loop that is contructed out of metal and provides a secure point for a front sling if you were using a two point sling. Using a standard allen key to lock it on the rail it will be small and out of the way when not in use.

M4 RIS sling loop

The next option for a rail attachment would be the slightly larger Echo1 Sling Belt Mount which allows for the use of the sling fabric to be looped through for a more semi permanent attachment. This setup gives a more stealthy option since the there will not be a metal on metal attachment like the previous mount. Some slings offer a secondary loop as shown.

offset flash light mount

With the use of a sling you are able to add more accessories to your rifle such as a light. The Echo1 Offset Light Mount is able to secure most tactical lights on the market. The inner diameter is one 1 inch and with the textured lining inside the metal mount your light will secure. With the thumb screw and locking port you are able to lock this mount onto your rifle and know it will be there in the morning.

M4 body pins

Another small part that you might need later on will be the M4 Locking Body Pins. These pins replace the original pins which are a friction fit. The locking pins are made out of steel and use a threaded screw to lock together. Coming in a two pack and will work great for the ST6 and just about all other M4’s in case your friends need one.

M4 QD sling mount

Using a single point or one point sling is a more tactical option and with the QD Dual Sling Swivel you can do that. The mount will replace the original plate and be locked in place with the buffer tube as you can see. There is the left and right option for the attachment of a sling depending on the shooters preference. The QD Dual Sling Swivel will come with the QD sling loop as shown. With this part and the QD loop you can use to attach to the mount on the crane stock if you choose to do so as well or other mounts on other rifles.

Echo1 M4 stock pad

The stock has a few removable parts that might get misplaced but no worries since we have them in case that happens. The Stock Knobs are used in the front of the stock to secure the spare batteries and rotate open once the stock is removed from the buffer tube. The Stock Butt Pad is also available and will fit the ST6, STAG, XCR and ER25K series rifles from Echo1USA.

Echo1USA Airsoft

Once you have your battle rifle all figured out with these little parts you will be set and able to focus on the game that is coming and give it your all.

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Written by Brian Holt

The Polymer XCR series

The Polymer XCR series
Echo1USA XCR airsoft gun

The Robinson Armament XCR series are an interesting and truly innovative rifle design in the firearm world and we as Echo1USA has brought the details of the rifles into the world of Airsoft.

Echo1 XCR airsoft

The XCR series are available in both Black and Tan and three different lengths to accommodate all styles of players. There is the Long, CQB and Pistol version of the Polymer XCR series.

Echo1 Airsoft XCR review

The XCR rifles will stand out above the M4 series in the way the upper receiver is a monolithic design. With the one piece solid upper receiver it makes it a much more stable platform for precision shooting and less parts to tighten over time like a delta ring on a M4. Being that this is an Airsoft rifle you still have all the options to install your favorite tight bore barrel if you desire. With the flat top rail on the XCR’s you can mount any type of iron sight or optic and still have room for a PEQ box.

Echo1USA airsoft XCR

The XCR Long and CQB rifles will come with a vertical foregrip that has a built in storage compartment that can be used for CR123 batteries or any small tools you might need on the field for your optic. Looking at the XCR you will see the different parts on it and the familiar parts like you will find on a M4. The XCR is similar to a M4 for the fire control and magazine release along with the pistol grip. The new parts would be side charging handle similar to an AK47 but on the left side and the monolithic upper and removable barrel set like you would find in a Masada. The XCR is a mix of all the great rifles in one great package.

Echo1USA xcr airsoft

The XCR’s are almost the same but the XCR Pistol being the latest release changes things up a little. The XCR’s all have a rear sling loop. The Long and CQB version have a single sling loop built into the metal buffer tube adapter. The Pistol will have a metal receiver base and a sling swivel for a better one point application in the field. The XCR’s do have interchangeable parts so you can swap the uppers, lowers and stock adapters if you bought another XCR.

Echo1 XCR hop up unit

The hop up for the XCR is a regular M4 one piece hop up unit and to access it you just simply pull back on the large charging handle to slide back the fake bolt to gain access. The bolt does not lock open but with the large hop up adjustment wheel you can adjust and hold the bolt back with one hand while keeping your fire hand on the grip for proper weapon usage.

Echo1 XCR v2 gearbox

The XCR series use the standard Version 2 or M4/M16 type gearbox and parts making it great for upgrades and giving you more options. The one piece M4 hop up with the large spring is pressed against the gearbox to help absorb the shock from the piston striking and to ensure the great airseal for the nozzle and bucking. This combined with the MadBull bucking gives the XCR a better FPS and grouping. For more info on the XCR check out the complete takedown on the Echo1 Tech Support Channel.

This is a great video to show you all the parts for the XCR and on the same channel all the other rifles are covered as well. Make sure you are subscribed to the Echo1 Tech Support Channel too!

Echo1 XCR polarstar

Now that you bought your new XCR and used it a lot and want to spice things up a bit at the local field you have many options on what you can do with it. A simple upgrade will be a Lipo #1 to boost the ROF or you can add some other gearbox parts. A complete gearbox swap to the Modify Torus Speed set would be one option. With the Modify Torus gearbox it will be a simple drop in and good to go. Say if you wanted to go the HPA route you can use the PolarStar JACK for the M4 and you will be set. The XCR series is able to do anything you need it to on the Airsoft field.

Want to see the XCR chambered in 5.56 at the range used by Brian? Check out the video below and you can see the XCR in action.

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Written by Brian Holt

The RedStar AKM

Echo1 USA AK

Wanting to get into the ‘AK game” but not sure to what to get since there are so many to choose from. Well the RedStar AK series will be your top pick from the price to performance makes them stand above the rest. The RedStar AKM is the rifle we will check out. In the low two hundred dollar range it is very affordable but it is actually costing much more if you built one up to match this from another AK. The steel body and real wood give the RedStar AKM a great look and finish.

ECHO1 AK Airsoft
(The best Airsoft AK

The RedStar AKM comes with a metal AK hop up unit. Many times the hop up unit is over looked but for an AK it is very important. Due to the seating of the AK magazine the extension tube of a plastic hop up unit can be broken or damaged making the AK inoperable. With the RedStar AKM and the use of the metal hop up unit that is bolted into the barrel and surrounded by a steel body the magazine will lock into place and have a secure and flawless feed for normal use or even high speed upgrades.

Echo1 lipo Airsoft

Speaking of high speed the RedStar AKM and other RedStar series are able to use the Echo1 Lipo’s. As shown in the picture above the Lipo #2 which is a brick type is able to fit inside the wood stock as a snug fit that is secured by the steel stock plate and screws. When on the run with the AKM you should use your sling since there is a front and rear sling mount on the rifle.

Echo1 AK Airsoft gears

Steel on the outside and on the inside for the RedStar series. The AKM uses a high torque short motor along with the steel gears. The motor will give you a fast and crisp trigger response and the gears will not let you down. To keep the gears sitting perfect in the gearbox they are shimmed and held in place by 7mm steel ball bearings that decrease friction and increase the rate of fire and battery life.

Echo1 airsoft ak gearbox

The RedStar AKM is built very tough inside and out from the real wood and steel body and parts to the metal and steel parts for the internals making it an upgraded AK out of the box and ready for you on the field. The AKM will have great range from the brass inner barrel that is using the MadBull orange bucking for an improved air seal and then the metal hop up unit as mentioned before to keep it all rock solid while shooting. The gearbox is a version 3 type giving you thousands of other upgrade options if you choose to do so.

Echo1 redstar AKM airsoft

Overall the RedStar AKM is a great rifle for you if you wanted to get into the world of AK’s for airsoft being that it is built very solid from the wood and steel parts on the outside and you don’t have to upgrade the AKM when you get since it is already done for you. Check out our website for the other RedStar AK’s and if you are looking for a CQB AK check out the CPM vs BOLT blog.

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Written by Brian Holt