2014 Echo1 Operation East Rush


Gear Up! Echo1 is coming to the East Coast.

Echo1 USA is teaming up with StrikeForce Sports in Deer Park, New York to bring you Operation East Rush. This is another installment of Echo1’s Signature Event Series which is open only to Echo1 users.  Players are invited to a private game to be held at StrikeForce Sports on Sunday May 18, 2014. Join the Echo1 and StrikeForce Sports staff for intense CQB action.

For only $20s, purchasing your ticket will secure your entry to the game and you will also receive:

·       A complementary 5000 round bag of .20 gram Echo 1 BBs  (MSRP valued at $20)
·       A Complementary Echo1 Gift Bag packed with goodies
·       One raffle ticket for the drawing at the end of the day (you could win a new gun!)
·       Side prizes for completing objectives throughout the games
·       Free lunch & Drinks

Raffle Prizes:

We will be giving away:

- 1 Echo1 HMG

- 2 Mystery AEGs

- 2 Defcon Wardog Packs

- 2 Defcon Chest Rigs

- 1 Echo1 tan Timberworlf  with tan Spetz Gear kydex Holster

- 1 SOG 68

We will also give tons of giveaways: patches, gun cases, BBs, Kill Rags etc

Echo1 staff will also be there on hand to answer questions and help Echo1 users to get the most out of your equipment as well as help with any technical advice. More details and surprizes will be announced as the game date approaches. Be a part of this unique airsoft event and sign up today!

There is no age limit for this event, but if you are a minor you will need a signed waiver form from your parents.

***** This event is open only to players who use an Echo1 AEG as a primary weapon. Your gun will be verified on site.*****


Here is a link to download  StrikeForce Sports Waver form



StrikeForce Sports
450 Commack Rd
Deer Park, NY 11729

You can purchase your tickets on EventBrite:







AirsoftCon 2013

It was that time of year again as airsofters camped outside of the Evike.com headquarters to be the first to check out Airsoftcon 2013. The spirits were high at the tent city that formed outside of the store a few days prior to the convention. Players were eagerly awaiting the beginning of the event so that they could take advantage of the door-buster savings and all the special promotions that were going on that day.

Many manufacturers, teams, and other types vendors had booths to show their products and hand out freebies to hundreds of Evike customers. There were even some celebrities roaming the crowd checking out the event.

We at Echo1USA were there to show off our wide variety of guns and to talk to customers and loyal Echo1 fans. The guns we brought to our booth met a wide price range for players with different budgets and different styles for those who wanted a bit more style than everybody else on the fields. Our technicians were on hand to answer players questions on everything ranging from  what they get when they buy an Echo1 to professional tips for working on guns.

We’d like to thank Evike.com for having us and can’t wait to be out there again. As always, PLAY HARD, PLAY SAFE!

Airsoft GI Sale

Echo1 attended  Airsoft GI Sale on October 12, 2013.

Echo1 at Jericho Airsoft Expo 2013

Jericho Airsoft was the setting for Airsoft Expo 2013 and it could not have been better. Almost 200 players gathered bright and early at the field, located in Lake Elsinore, California. Players had a huge field to play on and many companies had booths at the Expo to show off their latest products. There were plenty of giveaways and raffle prizes to be won.

Echo1 USA was there to show off over a dozen guns and answer your questions first hand with our knowledgeable tech staff. The highly anticipated AR-57 and GAT were being shown as well as the brand new Echo1 quick detaching Mk1 Barrel Extensions. The other guns on display included some custom AEGs built off of Echo1 guns to show new and experienced players what great platforms our airsoft guns make for every kind of player. We also gave out a brand new polymer Echo1 Robinson Armament XCR-C and Echo1 Timberwolf pistol.

With the weather being perfect, the casual atmosphere, and the great field, we’d like to thank the players and Jericho Airsoft for having Echo1 USA at their event. We hope to see you guys again real soon!

Echo1 USA at Airsplat Store Grand Opening Event 9-14-2013

Airsplat is one of the biggest online retailers for everything airsoft nationwide and now they have a retail store in California. Even though the grand opening was on Saturday, September 14th, 2013, loyal customers began camping out and lining up outside the store starting the night before at around 2AM. Many hardcore airsofters camped out just so they could be the first to check out the new showroom as well as take advantage of the doorbuster promotions that Airsplat had going just for this event. Echo1 USA was there at this great event along with many other vendors to show our products and answer your questions first hand.


Echo1 Wants to Thank All Our Supporters for Making Operation Geronimo a Success

Echo1 USA has always been a grass roots leader in the airsoft community. People may not know this but we’ve always been a company of numerous firsts in airsoft. We were the first to offer customer appreciation games, the first to tour the country and host games in places that nobody thought could support such events, and the first to offer Tech Support videos for our customers. Many companies have since followed suit and held their own interpretations of these services but it was Echo1 that forged that path. Now, Echo1 USA is pleased to add another accomplishment to the list: the first big game featuring all Echo1 products.


Operation: Geronimo marked the first Echo1 Signature Event which featured players running nothing but Echo1 products. Fans from all ends of the United States travelled to California just to be a part of this historic game held at Jericho Airsoft on Saturday, August 10th, 2013. Being that this event was open exclusively only to Echo1 users, this was the best and most direct way to thank the customers for their loyal support.

Unlike other appreciation day style games that have come along since Echo1 started the trend, this one was going back to the basics: make the day as fun as possible for the players. We wanted to show the players and the industry that it isn’t about numbers or money. It’s about setting an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy and will remembered for years to come. That meant going back to the essentials of making a good game.

Our aim was to make Op: Geronimo’s feel completely different from other events. We focused more on gameplay by limiting the number of player spots so that the field was not flooded with people sharing a small amount of cover. This gave a nice balance between lengthy playtime and a ton of action. Jericho Airsoft provided the huge backdrop for the players to exploit while they fought to complete objectives that would earn them in-game prizes. This created a lot of intensity as players battled it out in various terrain ranging from trenches to hilltops.

The food and drinks were all provided by Echo1 at no charge to the players. Lunch consisted of a home cooked BBQ lunch prepared personally by Brian Holt from Echo1 and the Echo1 family (There were many players who loved the food so much that they helped themselves to seconds and even thirds!). How often do you see the people from behind the scenes of an airsoft company personally cooking for its customers? Add to that the goodies that were handed out throughout the day as an added bonus. The goodies included limited edition Echo1 and Operation: Geronimo PVC patches, stickers, tag rags, and even a 5000 round bag of Echo1 BBs packed inside an Echo1 messenger bag. We spared no expense to make sure you know that Echo1 supports you as much as you have supported us. The day ended with a raffle with various guns from Echo1 and a few custom guns provided by AirsoftGI, Airsplat, and SS Airsoft.

Overall, we at Echo1 had a great time throwing the event and would like to once again thank the players, the vendors, and the field for making Operation: Geronimo so memorable. We can’t wait to do it again! As always, PLAY HARD, PLAY SAFE.