AR-57 Coming Out Soon – Licensed by AR Five Seven

Brian Holt Holding the New AR-57 by Echo1 USA

Echo1 USA is soon to come out with the new AR-57. History on the AR-57 or AR Five-Seven is that it’s based on a real steel caliber conversion that changes the standard M4/AR15 from 5.56mm NATO to intermediate 5.7x28mm round and magazines. The AR-57 has the same great feel as an M4 but due to the smaller cartridge, it also offers extremely low recoil and high ammo capacity over the standard M4. The 5.7mm round has high lethality and armor defeating capability even up to 200 yards, making it a great personnel defense weapon.

Brian getting ready to shoot the AR-57

The airsoft version faithfully recreates this gun in every detail, and will come fully licensed and engraved with AR Five Seven Trademarks. At its heart is the metal monolithic upper receiver which holds the 5.7mm style magazine.

AR-57 Hop Up Unit - Echo1 USA

The upper receiver has long continuous rails running along the sides and under the barrel. Its short overall length and collapsible stock make this a great CQB weapon. The AR-57 is a completely unique design that should stand out from the crowd of other M4s that are out on the market today.

AR-57 by Echo1 USA Low Light Epic Picture

Stay tuned to Echo1 as this great AEG is coming out soon.


  • Full metal construction
  • Monolithic railed upper receiver
  • Uses 5.7mm style magazines (lowcap, highcap, external box magazines)
  • Compact size for CQB
  • Collapsing stock

Echo1 USA at AirSplat Appreciation Day 2013

Over 1,000 people gathered bright and early on Sunday May 20, 2013 for Airsplat’s Appreciation Day game. The event was hosted at Tac City Fullerton and featured vendors including Echo1USA. This event was to show loyal Airsplat customers gratitude for their patronage. It was free to play at Tac City all day with lines circling the building. Players also got to enjoy food, music, and raffle prizes to round out the festivities. They also got to interact with a lot of famous airsoft personalities and check out the latest products being shown off in the vendor area.

Echo1USA was there to show their support for AirSplat and interact with die hard Echo1 fans. It was at this event that Echo1USA decided to debut to the fans their latest product.

Out of the impressive lineup that Echo1 had on display, the one that got the most attention was the new AR-57.

AK Bolt and AR-57

Due out this summer (tentative), the Echo1 AR-57 is modeled after a real-steel firearm of the same namesake. The real-steel counterpart was created as a way to convert the popular M4/AR15 to use the powerful yet easy to control 5.7mm PDW cartridge.

“Deadcell member “Snake” showing off his used and abused Platinum Edition M4″

Just like the real version, it feeds from the top of the gun. The magazine sits on the upper receiver and feeds down into the custom Hopup unit. Since the real AR-57 no longer feeds from the bottom mounted M4 magazine, the magwell functions as a chute or ejection port where the empty brass falls out as rounds are fired.

Real operators sometimes use hollowed out M4 magazines inserted in the lower magwell to act as a brass catcher. Though you could leave it empty, some players may opt to run a battery in the hollowed out magazine and have the look of a real operators.

AirSplat Girl Models
“Echo1 Staff with AirSplat Models”

For the lucky winners at AirSplat’s Appreciation Day 2013 we had two lucky winners win the Echo1 Commando JP-10 and Timberwolf. Congratulations to the raffle prize winners. Like always we hope to see everyone out at Airsoft events in the near future.

Raffle prize winner of Commando JP-10

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AR Five Seven

The Newest Edition of the XCR Polymer Series is Finally Here

A New Desert Look of the XCR-C and XCR-L Now Available in Tan

With the XCR Polymers release, people can now afford an XCR at a fraction off the cost. But now the XCR Polymer has come out in a cool Tan color for desert combat MilSim players. The XCR Polymer Tan comes in both a short and long version. The XCR-C is the carbine length version giving players easy maneuverability around tight spaces. The XCR-L long version can be used for indoor fields and outdoor fields. Both come with a standard integrated rail for accessory add-ons, two magazines, vertical grip, battery and charger. Check out these great products now and get yours today while supplies last.

Product page links:

Robinson Arms XCR-C in Tan
Robinson Arms XCR-L in Tan

RedStar OCW By Echo1

RedStar OCW By Echo1

Welcome the latest AK74 simulation to the Echo1 arsenal: the RedStar Operator Combat Weapon (OCW). With ultimate attention to detail and durability, this AK will appoint any shooter to the Operator role and plant them in a world of realism applied to their desired scenario.

No need to worry about shooting time or installing your favorite optics or attachments, as the OCW comes with a full front RIS, crane stock and two high-capacity magazines to keep you dominating the game for as long as you can.

Put your aim to the test with an ambidextrous front and rear adjustable sight, with fine tuning capabilities. This ultimate AK should be in any Airsofter’s collection. It is built with all angles of detail, durability and functionality covered, so get ready to dominate!

Buy yours NOW while supplies last!

Product Page:

Rifle Dynamics AK700 By Echo1

AK700 Rifle Dynamics AEG By Echo1

For all AK lovers and fully licensed AEG collectors, this is the AK for you. Introducing the Rifle Dynamics AK700 By Echo1, this rifle will prove to be ultimately durable. All AK700s come fully metal with a one piece metal hop up unit, MadBull bucking and 455mm inner barrel. The metal folding stock makes this gun completely versatile and perfect for any type of scenario. Don’t worry about mags, the AK700 comes with two high-capacity waffle mags.

Take full control of your game and purchase yours today from Echo1!

Product Page:

Echo1 AMD-65 Upgraded with Polar Star Fusion Engine

Upgrade your Echo1 AMD-65 or AK with Polar Star’s new Version 3 GEN 3 Fusion engine. Now with an on-board computer called the FCU (Fire Control Unit) you can now adjust the air nozzle timing and cyclic rate. With many new features the FEV3 is not only limited to AK series Airsoft guns but more. With new user friendly electronics, you have the ability to put the FCU in sleep mode, monitor your lipo battery, plug-n-play harness for easy installation and an auto switch for users to select from semi auto and full auto positions. Check Polar Star’s website for more information on how to add this cool fusion engine on your Echo1 AK.

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Product Page: RedStar AMD-65 By Echo1