Get a FREE bag of BBs today from the Parts Shop.

The Echo1USA Parts Shop is having a limited time deal to give out a FREE bag of .25 BBs in a 5,000 count bag. How do you get this bag of high quality BBs in your hands?

Echo1 parts shop

With the purchase of $140 or more you will receive the bag if BBs to complete your Airsoft setup at no extra charge or hidden fees. So that means you can buy the new Knight’s SR16 and since it already comes with the battery and charger in the box you now get a bag of 5,000 BBs making you ready for the games once you get the package and charge your battery of course!

Echo1 parts shop and rifles

Since our rifles already come with a battery and charger this is a great deal but for a limited time only so you have to act now and order from the Echo1 Shop to get your BBs. Make sure you tell your friends about this great deal in case they are unsure about buying and spending more for BBs this will help them out. Always help your #battlebuddy when you can.


What if you don’t need another rifle but you still want the BBs? Well if you spend $140 or more before shipping you will still get the BBs. So that means if you buy the Lipos, MK1 suppressor or any of the replacement or upgrade parts including magazines on the Echo1 Parts Shop you will get the BBs!

Free Echo1USA .25 BB offer starts March 25th ends April 6th 2016

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Written by Brian Holt

The DEFCON Compact Assault Bag or CAB


It is time to get rid of the plain old box your rifle came in and use a proper rifle bag. The bag that you need is the DEFCON CAB or Compact Assualt Bag. The DEFCON CAB is able to transport your standard mid sized rifle in a discrete form.


The underside of the CAB is padded and uses a wide shoulder strap that has the option for four different points depending if you are a right or left handed user and a large carry handle on one end.


Opening the main compartment and you will find two fold over padded partitions to keep the rifle safe and secure. Once the items are inside the partitions the large velcro sections keep them enclosed and secure in their spot until removed. As you see the rifle being an Echo1 Platinum has been split for a smaller profile in the DEFCON CAB. The compartment is able to house a standard AR15 with a 14.5″ barrel or shorter and most optics attached will fit as well. The other side will hold the lower receiver and anything else you might need.

Echo1 gun bag

In a few seconds the rifle can be assembled and ready to use on the field or range. The hop up unit for the Airsoft rifle will be stable while in the CAB and surrounded by the upper receiver.

Echo1 Gun bag DEFCON

The two compartments on the front of the CAB are spacious and have spots for 4 M4 type magazines with individual elastic straps for each and a smaller pocket. The other compartment has a smaller item storage for batteries, pens and anything else you might need.

So if you need a rifle bag for your standard sized M4 or anything in that size range or smaller then the DEFCON CAB is just for you since it offers a secure and discrete way for transportation and an affordable price. To purchase the bag check out the DEFCON website today.

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Written by Brian Holt

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Timberwolf pistols and the DEFCON Mini PRB

Headed to the field or range and need to carry your pistol and other needed items? Well you are in luck when it comes to that thanks to DEFCON gear which is a division of Echo1USA.


You can take a seat on the DEFCON Back Pack chair at the local field or range. Learn more about the Chair in this blog. For just a pistol you will want to check out the DEFCON Mini PRB or Pistol Range Bag. This bag will be a great choice for either Airsoft or actual firearms due to the features, cost and functions.

Best Pistol bag

The internal and main compartment of the bag consists of two foam seal-able pockets that can secure to hold the pistol. As you can see the Timberwolfs can both fit inside in their own pocket and kept safe from bumps and scratches. A large velcro section keeps the pockets closed when not in use. Only have one pistol or need more room? The pockets can be removed from the spine of the bag if you like. The internal space is more than enough to hold the two pistols and a 50 round extended magazine or anything else you can think of that you will need.

Echo1 Gear Review

The front pockets are both a decent size and able to hold you Echo1 BB’s in one side and maybe a pair of gloves if you choose. Storage space is everywhere in the DEFCON Mini PRB as you can see.

Echo1 DEFCON gear

For your gas of JAG Precision Race Gas or other items that you need like shooting glasses you can store them in the secondary compartment and with the padded material you don’t have to worry about anything getting smashed.

So as you see the pistols and other key items are securely stored within the bag but what about the magazines you ask? Well the back wall of the bag unzips to reveal a large magazine pouch section. The magazines shown are the Timberwolf magazines and most double stack magazines in Airsoft or the Firearm world should fit just fine. Also in this panel you will see the clear plastic divider with a zipper for small items or oils to keep your pistol is top running condition.
To keep the Timberwolf in top running order the use of the Echo1 Grease Set allows just that. For any shooting competitions or tough CQB games you can store the extra spare parts that are made available from the website.

DEFCON Pistol Range Bag

So if you need a pistol bag like this then you must buy the DEFCON Mini Pistol Range Bag (PRB) and let your range friends know about this great affordable bag too! Buy it here on the DEFCON Gear website today.

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Written by Brian Holt

Knight’s Armament SR16 AEG by Echo1 USA

The Knight’s SR16 series by Echo1 is a joint project with ZShot and Knight’s Armament Airsoft or KAA. The goal was to produce a great rifle that is fully licensed by Knight’s. With the rifles in four options at the $200 mark and a long list of great features and parts provided out of the box you cannot go wrong with your next purchase of one of these rifles.


The Echo1 Knight’s SR16 will come with a 9.6v 1100mAh crane or nunchuck battery and a charger to get you on the field. The 300 round high capacity magazine that matches the color of the rifle be it tan or black and the 30 day limited warranty card. Out of the box the rifle is ready to go hit the field but is there is any issues our warranty and customer service will be there to help you get back on the field.

Echo1-Knight-SR16-review-right (1)

On the first glance at the Knight’s SR16 you will notice the textured body which is a strong and durable nylon fiber material and is able to handle the stresses of an airsoft game and are used by several fields as a rental option; just another example of how strong and light weight the rifle is. The front hand guard is a keymod URX4 system and is constructed out of metal and comes with the 3 rail panels. The metal micro flip up sights are included as well. The rail kit and hand guard would cost up to $150 if you bought it separate but the parts are included to make it a perfect Knight’s SR16 for the Airsoft player. The body is that of a standard M4 with the parts and fire controls to keep the parts and operation simple and allow for more upgrades later on.


To access the hop up you will find the dust cover on the right side. Pull back the charging handle to find the standard hop up unit. The Knight’s SR16 will feature the ambi option of the bolt release and fire selector but they are just mock parts to keep the rifle simple and lower on maintenance and more options for upgrading later on.


The bright orange tip on the barrel has two functions. One to look cool designate it is an airsoft rifle and the other function is to allow the fitment of our MK1 mock suppressor. With the MK1 mock suppressor attached you have the option to install a longer inner barrel for increased fps and accuracy.


Wanting to boost the rate of fire or ROF of your Knight’s SR16? You can do that with the ease by using the Echo1 Lipo #1. This 11.1v lipo will dramatically boost the ROF and give you a faster trigger response with the super charged battery pack.


The Knight’s SR16 by Echo1 is already a great rifle on the outside with all the parts it comes with but the gearbox and hop up unit makes it even better for the price. The hop up unit is a one piece unit for a more consistent feet per second or FPS and the installation of the MadBull bucking to give that better FPS and accuracy. The gearbox is built very well and made to last years. Check out the Echo1 Tech Support video here on the full take down of the Knight’s SR16.

As you can see the Knight’s SR16 series would be a great choice for you to buy due to all the internal and external features that save you money if you built it yourself and this gives you more time on the field to have fun. You can find the Knight’s SR16 models on the or you local store.

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Written by Brian Holt

Troy Industries TRX Series – Available Now

The Troy Industries riles by Echo1USA have been on the market for some time now but with the new 2016 line up the TRX series will be a welcomed update to the series.


JAG Precision blog

The current model is the Troy MRF-C Gen2 which has a host of Troy features while still using the quad rail. On the MRF-C you will find the metal quad rail with the flip up sights, the Battle Axe stock, the CQB grip and the new trigger guard. The body on the MRF-C Gen2 will be the standard plastic body with a two piece hop up unit. You can build the rifle with the MadBull TRX kits but this is where the newer TRX comes into play as a completed rifle and it will have a metal body and one piece hop up unit that will be the first noticeable improvement besides the metal TRX hand guard. Wanting to learn more about the Troy MRF-C Gen2 you can check out the Echo1 Troy MRF-C Gen 2 / Review and Gameplay video.


Echo1USA Troy

On a closer look of the Troy TRX you will find the body pins with the allen screw feature to secure the metal body together. The Troy Industries logos are clear and present on the rifle along with a serial number on the upper receiver.


Echo1 Troy TRX models

The Troy TRX model will be available in three lengths as shown with a shorter CQB version and a mid length and then a full size option for the various uses players might have. With the TRX tubular hand guard the option for aftermarket rail sections like the firearm counterpart will be available and even the unique Squid Grips that pop into the vented holes.


Troy Airsoft battle sights

The flip up metal sights are constructed out of metal and have a release button the lock the posts up and to prevent any failure. Both the front and rear sights have the Troy Industries trade marks and the “Milsim Only” designation to signify these are only for airsoft rifles.


Echo1 TRX hop up

Pulling back on the charging handle will reveal the hop up unit with is a one piece polycarb unit with a MadBull bucking. Using the traditional style for great a great air seal and being compatible with aftermarket units is key for fully customizing the Troy TRX if needed.


Troy Airsoft CQB grip

On a closer look of the updated parts you will see the Troy Battle Axe pistol grip. This Battle Axe pistol grip is a longer version than the real option and this is so a long type motor can be used. The pistol grip will have a scale texture on the side panels and the smooth front and back without any finger ridges to cause fatigue. The bottom of the grip has a vented plate for the motor and cool down after extended use.


The trigger guard is not the traditional flat option but now has the subtle curve in the front section to allow for gloves to be worn by the user. The part can be removed if desired but a nice touch to have it included right out of the box.


JAG Precision TRX blog

The extended magazine release is a great upgrade part due in the fact it makes the magazine change easier and it comes standard on the rifle. You will see how the extended plate is just above the trigger making the distance shorter and faster and able to get a fresh magazine in the rifle.


Troy TRX Echo1 review

The new Troy TRX series from Echo1USA will be a sure hot seller due to all the great features in addition to the already rock solid gearbox and parts that have been used for years. The estimated retail will be starting at the $200 mark and working up accordingly. If you have not already seen our SHOTShow video on the Troy TRX make sure you do to get some more info on the rifle that is soon to be released.

The Troy Industries Battle Rifle is in store now! Find the three options on our now

The Echo1 Troy M7A1, Echo1 Troy TRX10 and the Echo1 Troy TRX13


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Written by Brian Holt