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Echo1 Sniper Rifles

The perfect airsoft sniping rifle - CSR by Echo1

RedStar CSR

With many airsoft rifles on the market it’s hard to choose the right gun that fits your need. However, if you simply want to skip thinking of what gun to get, and get straight to the best sniper rifle then the RedStar Counter Sniper Rifle is right for you. Just like in many popular games, the CSR (SVD)is widely used amongst games and movies.



RedStar CSR from rear

RedStar CSR from rear

With the CSR your are getting a rifle capable of shooting 500 FPS, which is both semi auto, and solid with strong craftsmanship. Get the Echo1 CSR today and play like you do in videos games. Real life milsim action games.

RedStar CSR – $284.99


RedStar LMG

RedStar LMG

If you are looking for a fully automatic alternative to the CSR (SVD), you won’t have to look any further. Echo1 has the popular RedStar LMG and OMG fully automatic support gunner airsoft rifles. These guns have a comparable length to the RedStar CSR, but have a full auto function. The RedStar LMG comes with the classic wood hand guard and wood rear stock. The RedStar OMG comes in a menacing full black with black hand guards and rear folding stock. These airsoft support gunner rifles both come with batteries and charger, so they are ready to go out of the box.

OMG AEG support weapon - Echo1

RedStar OMG

RedStar LMG – $354.99

RedStar OMG – $354.99



Special Operations Branch (SOB)

Special Operations Branch (SOB)

If com-bloc weapons aren’t your fare, Echo1 has plenty of futuristic guns to fulfill your needs. The Special Operations Branch series features a unique look that will definitely turn heads. These full metal beast are perfect for CQB scenarios. They feature full hand guard and top rail adapter systems ready for all your favorite accessories. The straight magazine is also unique to the SOB Series.

SOB 1 – $259.99

SOB 2 – $259.99

Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC)

Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC)

If you are looking for something futuristic that is perfect for outdoor field play and close quarter battle scenarios, the Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC) series is the right choice for you. The MTC series is the most customizable simulated training weapon available. It features a full length rail adapter system ready for all your optics, fore grips, lasers, PEQ boxes, and anything else you would like to throw at it. The body is made of a strong yet lightweight polymer that has an interchangeable magazine well and stock.

MTC 1 – $219.99

MTC 2 – $229.99

MTC 3 – $274.99

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