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As an Airsofter you always need to know what your local store has since you never know when you need that spare part, battery, cans of gas and the list goes on. We have the the for just our products but and it is an online store while Airsoft GI is a walk in store that will have our products and others as well.

echo1usa airsoft

Airsoft GI is located 21077 Commerce Point Dr. Walnut, CA and you cannot miss their giant sign. Inside you will find all the rifles, pistols and tactical gear but what is more impressive is the fact they stock a large amount of our gearbox parts which got our attention.

Echo1 csr gear Airsoft GI

Besides the regular M4 8mm gearbox and motors of ours they have the RedStar CSR gearset which is not a popular item since it is only for the CSR rifle and using the four gears it will not work in any other rifle but they have it in stock for you just in case you happen to need it.

Echo1 M14 gears

Another hard to find part will be the Echo1 M14 Spur gear which is different than the regular M4 type gear. Check out the M14 Takedown Video to learn more. This smaller gear and many other hard to find parts will be found at Airsoft GI and if you are not sure of what part you actually need their sales reps in the show room will be able to help you out.


Maybe you don’t need gearbox parts but other parts to upgrade or customize your rifle. This threaded front end for the Echo1 GAT is sitting in their glass case waiting for you to talk it to a CQB to play nicely with the other people.

echo1 combat sight

With more spare parts they carry they also have our Metal Combat Sights that you find on our Troy models and look great on any other rifle. Spending time looking through their store you will notice all the small parts you never really think about but they are needed.

Echo1USA magazines

After you have found your needed parts you always need more magazines just because. You will find our regular M4 Hicap and AK74 Hicap in addition to our SOB midcap and many other magazines.


Now that you are done shopping and headed out the door you will find a table with the current fliers for events and games to help keep you in the Airsoft BB loop. Coming out to these events will lead to new things from gun trades to new teammates and he possibilities are endless. Make sure you guys stop on by Airsoft GI to see for yourselves.

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Written by Brian Holt

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