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    Echo1 GAT - General Assault Tool AEG - Airsoft Electric Gun

    Echo1 Submachine Guns AEGs

    Find the GAT (General Assault Tool) and the Spectre RDP here for your CQB games.

    Licensed Airsoft Guns

    Find all licensed and custom guns from Echo1

    Echo1 M4 and Echo1 M16 Series

    The M4 / M16 is heavily used by the U.S. Army. The M4 traces it's lineage back to the original M16A2. In service since 1963 and still used in present day, the M4 / M16 is the de facto weapon for the U.S. military.

    Echo1 Platinum Edition Series

    The Platinum Edition series from Echo1 is the perfect weapon system for the discerning player. Get the best, don't settle for less.

    Echo1 Sniper Rifles

    Sniper rifles are precision weapons specifically designed to hit target at long distances, far better then other small arms.

    Genesis M4 Commando Profile

    Echo1 Genesis Series

    The Genesis Series by Echo1 is the best, affordable airsoft M4 AEG on the market.

    Echo1 ER25K Series

    The perfect hybrid blend of a sniper rifle and CQB weapon, ready for all your accessories.

    Echo1 Minigun Series

    Six barrels and 3000 rounds per minute of pure adrenaline.

    Echo1 Modular Tactical Carbine Series

    The most customizable simulated training weapon available.

    Echo1 RedStar / AK Series

    From the Wolverine to the LMG, Echo1 has got a weapon for every combloc fan.

    Echo1 M14 Series

    The standard for every true marksman.

    Echo1 Support Weapons

    Support weapons are big, heavy, and carry a ton of ammunition. Echo1 has got them all.

    Echo1 ST6

    The ST6 is designed specifically for Close Quarters Battle and is significantly shorter than the M4 and it's variants.