• $ 230 .00
    • Suppressed AK for Special Forces
    • Full metal body for extreme airsofting
    • Side Optic mount for operations. SVD style
    • Pre-upgraded gearbox and parts
    • Able to hold a 10.8v stick battery or 11.1v buffer tube style lipo

    This product is available for purchase at the Echo1 Shop.

    30 Day Warranty Metal Body Li-Poly Battery Ready For Field Use

    Red Star IGOR Wood


    Modified V3 gearbox

    The Igor uses a modified version 3 gearbox so you can install most upgrades found in many guns. This means that this reliable sniper rifle will be easy to source upgrades or internal repairs parts for should you need it.

    Skeleton stock

    This unique stock is not only cool looking but comfortable and solid!


    Battery storage

    The Igor stores a long stick type battery in the skeleton stock but the cavity in the stock will also hold a Lipo battery.

    All metal externals

    The furniture is made from reinforced polymer while the integral mock silencer and all the external components are made of metal so it will take whatever you can throw at it.


    2 x hicaps

    The Igor comes with 2 shorty hicaps so you can carry a good amount of ammo while still being able to shoot from prone position. These hold 150 rounds each.

    Scope rail

    The Igor comes with an integrated metal scope rail that will take PSO-1 style optics made for the Dragunov style sniper rifles

    • Model Number: JP-97
    • FPS (Feet Per Second): 380
    • Weight: 5.5lbs
    • Features: Full Metal Mock Suppressor
    • Product Support: 30 day limited warranty
    • Inner Barrel Length: 428 mmm
    • Overall Length: 37.5 inches
    • Barrel Caliber: 6.04mm
    • Magazines Included: 2
    • Magazine Capacity: 150 rounds
    • Magazine Type: High Cap
    • Recommended BB: .25g or Higher
    • Power source: 9.6v 1200 mAh Stick Battery
    • Battery and charger included: Yes
    • Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Ready: Yes
    • Battery Included: Yes
    • Battery Location: Stock
    • Battery Rate of Fire (Default Battery): 14
    • Battery Rate of Fire with 8.4v: 13
    • Battery Rate of Fire with 9.6v: 14
    • Battery Rate of Fire 11.1 Echo1 LiPo: 17
    • BB Caliber: 6mm
    • Bearing Size: 7mm Steel Bearing
    • Body type: Metal
    • Gearbox Reinforced: Yes
    • Gearbox Type: Version 3 7mm
    • Motor Type: Mid-Torque Short Motor
    • Sights included: Front and Rear Adjustable
    • Outer Barrel Construction: One piece metal
    • Metal Specifics: Body and barrel set
    • Plastic Specifics: Stock and front grip
    • Scope Mount: Side mount
    • Sling Attachment: Front and Rear RU style
    • Spring Guide: Plastic with washer
    • Stock Type: Fixed Skeleton Faux Wood
    • Gear Specs: 3 Steel Standard Ratio. Large Delayer
    • Hop Up: Poly AK hop up unit with MadBull bucking
    • Piston Body: Nylon with full steel tooth rack
    • Piston Head: Nylon Ported piston head
    • Type of Spring: M120
    • Wiring Harness: V3 to the rear with fuse


    Upgrade and replacement airsoft parts are available for purchase at the Echo1 Parts Shop

    From air seal nozzles to outer barrels, the Echo1 Part Shop has the most complete selection of airsoft upgrade and replacement parts available. If you can’t find it in the store, simply request it and Echo1 will find it for you.

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