• VMG - Echo1

    The RedStar VMG features a full metal receiver with a rich black hand guard and folding stock. This airsoft rifles shoots around 350 - 400 fps, which acceptable in most airsoft indoor fields. The VMG comes complete with battery and charger.
    $ 209 .99
    • Metal AK
    • Folding metal stock for CQB or field use
    • Pre-upgraded gearbox and bucking
    • Metal gearbox

    This product is available for purchase at the Echo1 Shop.

    30 Day Warranty Metal Body For Field Use For CQB Use


    • Model Number: JP-27MB
    • FPS (Feet Per Second): 415
    • Weight: 6.5 lbs. (3.0 kg)
    • Features: Metal AK with polycarb furniture
    • Product Support: 30 day limited warranty
    • Inner Barrel Length: 455mm
    • Overall Length: 720mm-950mm
    • Barrel Caliber: 6.06mm
    • Magazines Included: 1
    • Magazine Capacity: 550 rounds
    • Magazine Type: High Cap
    • Recommended BB: .25g or Higher
    • Power source: Battery
    • Battery and charger included: Yes
    • Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Ready: Yes
    • Battery Included: 8.4v 1200 mAh Stick battery
    • Battery Location: Top spine of gun
    • Battery Rate of Fire (Default Battery): 13
    • Battery Rate of Fire with 8.4v: 13
    • Battery Rate of Fire with 9.6v: 15
    • Battery Rate of Fire 11.1 Echo1 LiPo: 17
    • BB Caliber: 6mm
    • Bearing Size: 7mm brass bushing
    • Body type: Metal
    • Gearbox Reinforced: Standard version 3
    • Gearbox Type: Version 3
    • Motor Type: Short type standard motor
    • Sights included: Front and rear adjustable
    • Outer Barrel Construction: One piece metal
    • Metal Specifics: Most of gun
    • Plastic Specifics: Pistol grip, hand guard, stock
    • Scope Mount: Side scope mount option
    • Sling Attachment: Front and rear
    • Spring Guide: Metal
    • Stock Type: Folding metal and plastic
    • Gear Specs: 3 steel torque and steel
    • Hop Up: 1 piece plastic with Madbull bucking
    • Piston Body: Polycarb
    • Piston Head: Ported with bearing
    • Type of Spring: M120
    • Wiring Harness: Version 3 to the front with fuse

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    Videos from Reviewers

    Instant Beast Mode for your Echo1

    The Echo1 LiPo Battery & Charger Combo is fastest way to dramtically change the performance of your Echo1 airsoft gun. Safely charge the LiPoly battery using the Echo1 Balance Charger and install it to your AEG. You will instantaneously increase your rate of fire and experience longer playing times between charges.

    The Perfect Magazine for your Echo1

    High capacity magazines are a great way to hold a lot of BBs in one magazine. The only problem is the time it takes to wind those mags up. Echo1 has solved this with the Echo1 Zip Magazine. With a couple of tugs, you’re ready to go.

    Destroy the Competition, Not Your Gun.

    Cheap BBs will destroy your Echo1 airsoft gun. You’ve bought the best, why not use the best BBs available? Echo1 Match Grade BBs are made specifically for your Echo1 so you won’t have to worry about jams and shattered fragments destroying your inner barrel. Go get some!

    Upgrade and replacement airsoft parts are available for purchase at the Echo1 Parts Shop

    From air seal nozzles to outer barrels, the Echo1 Part Shop has the most complete selection of airsoft upgrade and replacement parts available. If you can’t find it in the store, simply request it and Echo1 will find it for you.

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