How to Easily Upgrade the Echo1 M28 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Echo1 M28 in a Black BackgroundThe Echo1 M28 Sniper Rifle can be upgraded just like any other bolt action rifle. The M28 is based off the VSR-10 for the design and upgrade parts. The proper maintenance of the M28 is needed to make it work and stay working. Keeping the screws and parts tight and secure will ensure that. Check out this video to see the simple steps.

If the parts are loose you will get the slam fire issue and cause early wear on the parts but with proper care it can be prevented. If you wanted to upgrade the M28 you can install a VSR-10 trigger sear set which is made out of steel and very durable. In this video you will see how to install the new parts.

These parts are an early sample and with no release date as of now but you can check with your local store and get the VSR-10 sears and be good to go. The piston is another upgrade part. The M28 uses a non VSR-10 piston so that will require some work to get an upgraded piston to work. The easiest way is to use a stock piston and how that the only weak point in the system since the poly carb will not damage the steel upgrade parts. If you wanted to upgrade the piston you can use a 90 degree piston and trigger set which can be found at your local store or online. If you wanted just an upgraded piston you can use a standard 45 degreeĀ  piston and use a spacer out of a sorbo pad and move the piston back the needed space and that will work as well. Remember when you are upgrading an AEG or Bolt Action Rifle there is some fitting and work required since there are so many models and versions of parts out there. To upgrade the inner barrel you can again use the VSR-10 style barrels and hop up bucking. There will be a new MadBull bucking releasing soon which will be the same great hop up bucking material that is used in our AEGs from them. Also you can install a longer inner barrel and protect it with our custom mock suppressor with a longer inner and this mock suppressor you will have increased accuracy and a custom looking sniper rifle. So remember the M28 can use most VSR-10 parts but you will have to check with your local store since there are so many parts and brands out there but if you wanted to make a high powered sniper rifle the M28 is the top choice based on price and performance.

If you don’t already have the Echo1 M28 Sniper Rifle, get one today direct from Echo1.

M28 Black – $184.99

M28 Tan Timberwolf – $184.99


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