How to Make Your Lone Wolf Timberwolf Better

Echo1 Lone Wolf TimberwolfHow do you make the already perfect officially licensed Lone Wolf Timberwolf gas blow back airsoft pistol even better? How about adding the brand new Echo1 50 round extended magazine. Now you won’t have to worry about reloading twice as much and you will differentiate yourself with the rest when your magazine is sticking out of the mag well.

Since the Lone Wolf Timberwolf pistol comes with a front rail, it’s ready for your favorite accessories. Why not add a front mounted flash light to illuminate those dark corners? How about increasing your accuracy by installing a red or green laser? All these great accessories fit perfectly on the Lone Wolf Timberwolf.

For more information on the Timberwolf, visit the Echo1 Lone Wolf Timberwolf page. There you will find detailed specs, videos, and more. Better yet, buy it now directly from Echo1.

Lone Wolf Timberwolf – $144.99

Lone Wolf Timberwolf Tan – $144.99

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