Knight’s Armament SR16 AEG by Echo1 USA

The Knight’s SR16 series by Echo1 is a joint project with ZShot and Knight’s Armament Airsoft or KAA. The goal was to produce a great rifle that is fully licensed by Knight’s. With the rifles in four options at the $200 mark and a long list of great features and parts provided out of the box you cannot go wrong with your next purchase of one of these rifles.


The Echo1 Knight’s SR16 will come with a 9.6v 1100mAh crane or nunchuck battery and a charger to get you on the field. The 300 round high capacity magazine that matches the color of the rifle be it tan or black and the 30 day limited warranty card. Out of the box the rifle is ready to go hit the field but is there is any issues our warranty and customer service will be there to help you get back on the field.

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On the first glance at the Knight’s SR16 you will notice the textured body which is a strong and durable nylon fiber material and is able to handle the stresses of an airsoft game and are used by several fields as a rental option; just another example of how strong and light weight the rifle is. The front hand guard is a keymod URX4 system and is constructed out of metal and comes with the 3 rail panels. The metal micro flip up sights are included as well. The rail kit and hand guard would cost up to $150 if you bought it separate but the parts are included to make it a perfect Knight’s SR16 for the Airsoft player. The body is that of a standard M4 with the parts and fire controls to keep the parts and operation simple and allow for more upgrades later on.


To access the hop up you will find the dust cover on the right side. Pull back the charging handle to find the standard hop up unit. The Knight’s SR16 will feature the ambi option of the bolt release and fire selector but they are just mock parts to keep the rifle simple and lower on maintenance and more options for upgrading later on.


The bright orange tip on the barrel has two functions. One to look cool designate it is an airsoft rifle and the other function is to allow the fitment of our MK1 mock suppressor. With the MK1 mock suppressor attached you have the option to install a longer inner barrel for increased fps and accuracy.


Wanting to boost the rate of fire or ROF of your Knight’s SR16? You can do that with the ease by using the Echo1 Lipo #1. This 11.1v lipo will dramatically boost the ROF and give you a faster trigger response with the super charged battery pack.


The Knight’s SR16 by Echo1 is already a great rifle on the outside with all the parts it comes with but the gearbox and hop up unit makes it even better for the price. The hop up unit is a one piece unit for a more consistent feet per second or FPS and the installation of the MadBull bucking to give that better FPS and accuracy. The gearbox is built very well and made to last years. Check out the Echo1 Tech Support video here on the full take down of the Knight’s SR16.

As you can see the Knight’s SR16 series would be a great choice for you to buy due to all the internal and external features that save you money if you built it yourself and this gives you more time on the field to have fun. You can find the Knight’s SR16 models on the or you local store.

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Written by Brian Holt

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