RedStar OCW By Echo1

RedStar OCW By Echo1

Welcome the latest AK74 simulation to the Echo1 arsenal: the RedStar Operator Combat Weapon (OCW). With ultimate attention to detail and durability, this AK will appoint any shooter to the Operator role and plant them in a world of realism applied to their desired scenario.

No need to worry about shooting time or installing your favorite optics or attachments, as the OCW comes with a full front RIS, crane stock and two high-capacity magazines to keep you dominating the game for as long as you can.

Put your aim to the test with an ambidextrous front and rear adjustable sight, with fine tuning capabilities. This ultimate AK should be in any Airsofter’s collection. It is built with all angles of detail, durability and functionality covered, so get ready to dominate!

Buy yours NOW while supplies last!

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  1. Slick looking update to the AK design. Too bad they didn't use the polish thumb safety too!

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