Attachments for your rifle

Once you have your rifle such as the M4 ST6 or any other rifle you will need the little parts that many players over look until it is too late and they are on the field.

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The parts in question are the mounts for slings since you will in the field for hours and holding the rifle will take a toll on you. There are many options and reasons on what you should get and why and we will cover them.

M4 RIS sling loop

The Echo1 Sling Mount Loop is a small loop that is contructed out of metal and provides a secure point for a front sling if you were using a two point sling. Using a standard allen key to lock it on the rail it will be small and out of the way when not in use.

M4 RIS sling loop

The next option for a rail attachment would be the slightly larger Echo1 Sling Belt Mount which allows for the use of the sling fabric to be looped through for a more semi permanent attachment. This setup gives a more stealthy option since the there will not be a metal on metal attachment like the previous mount. Some slings offer a secondary loop as shown.

offset flash light mount

With the use of a sling you are able to add more accessories to your rifle such as a light. The Echo1 Offset Light Mount is able to secure most tactical lights on the market. The inner diameter is one 1 inch and with the textured lining inside the metal mount your light will secure. With the thumb screw and locking port you are able to lock this mount onto your rifle and know it will be there in the morning.

M4 body pins

Another small part that you might need later on will be the M4 Locking Body Pins. These pins replace the original pins which are a friction fit. The locking pins are made out of steel and use a threaded screw to lock together. Coming in a two pack and will work great for the ST6 and just about all other M4’s in case your friends need one.

M4 QD sling mount

Using a single point or one point sling is a more tactical option and with the QD Dual Sling Swivel you can do that. The mount will replace the original plate and be locked in place with the buffer tube as you can see. There is the left and right option for the attachment of a sling depending on the shooters preference. The QD Dual Sling Swivel will come with the QD sling loop as shown. With this part and the QD loop you can use to attach to the mount on the crane stock if you choose to do so as well or other mounts on other rifles.

Echo1 M4 stock pad

The stock has a few removable parts that might get misplaced but no worries since we have them in case that happens. The Stock Knobs are used in the front of the stock to secure the spare batteries and rotate open once the stock is removed from the buffer tube. The Stock Butt Pad is also available and will fit the ST6, STAG, XCR and ER25K series rifles from Echo1USA.

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Once you have your battle rifle all figured out with these little parts you will be set and able to focus on the game that is coming and give it your all.

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Written by Brian Holt

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General Assault Tool (GAT)


The Echo1 General Assault Tool (GAT) has been talked about for some time with rumors and hopes that it will be released someday soon. All of us here at Echo1USA were excited to release the news of our new project a little too soon but it will be worth the wait. We are becoming more known for making some out of left field projects for example the AR57, ZB30 and the (GAT) and the reason for this is that we enjoy firearms and what to see more variety in the airsoft world instead of a new M4. You maybe asking why is the (GAT) taking so long to produce and bring to the market and you wanted it a couple years. the main reason is to make sure the product is able to handle the abuse and keep on going. The early samples were good but with the new gearbox design they would crack and being airsofters ourselves we did not want to release it and disappoint you guys.


We did complicate it with a select fire switch since the real firearm does not have a traditional safety and for our Airsoft version that was needed.

Being that it is an electric airsoft gun or (AEG)  we had to make the parts fit inside the body and then where does the battery go? For a while we were working on a tri-panel lipo that would go in the barrel assembly but we stopped that since the process might deter some people from wanting the (GAT) so we started a front grip to house the mini battery.


By this time the product has been tuned and ready for its first gameplay with Airsoftolgy Jonathan when he was at Airsoft Tactical with Brian. Check out the video here of the (GAT) in action for the first time.

The new pistol grip did not make it in time for the event but they made due with a small lipo attached to the heat guard of the (GAT).


Once the bolt on front grip is completed and a final stress test it will be released and it will be well worth the wait. The advantage of the (GAT) and it being electric is that it uses a standardized parts list including: Piston and Piston Head, 8mm metal bushings, Gear Set, Short Motor, Anti-Reversal Latch and Inner Barrel. The other parts such as the trigger switch, cylinder head nozzle and tappet plate are proprietary due to the alignment in the body but keep in mind we have spare parts on hand and we work closely with Modify so upgrade parts are an option.  You will be able to upgrade and tune the (GAT) to your liking.