GAT Battery Options

The Echo1USA GAT or General Assualt Tool gives the players a compact AEG to dominate the local CQB field and even hold their own at the outdoor field against the full sized rifles. Being that the GAT is able to fit into any Airsoft game scenario it would only make sense for the platform to give the user several options for batteries that will increase the Rate Of Fire (ROF) and the Fun Factor.

Echo1 GAT battery

The stock battery the GAT comes with will be an 8.4v mini battery which is good to get you on the field. The battery compartment is hidden in the front grip that has the dual purpose that will help in stabilizing the GAT while shooting and a place to store the battery without using a bulky PEQ box. The mini battery will have just enough space to route the wires and plug inside the grip as shown and once the grip panels are secured the battery will not rattle in place while in use.

echo1 gat lipo

Echo1 Lipo #5 7.4v 1450mAh – 15C 17mmx20mmx105mm
Echo1 Lipo #1 11.1v 1000maH – 15C 105mmx18mmx20mm

Wanting to boost the ROF of the GAT then the use of a Lipo Battery will be needed. The Echo1 GAT gearbox is lipo ready with a set of strong steel gears and a piston to handle the higher ROF; check out the gearbox parts in the GAT Takedown Video. With this much slimmer, Buffer Tube style battery pack the 7.4v Lipo #5 will have more room for the plugs. If the 7.4v lipo is not enough juice the 11.1v Buffer Tube Lipo#1 will fit just fine. With this ample storage space, the GAT is a great platform to use and power any upgrades since it can hold the popular buffer tube type lipos that are commonly used in the M4 rifles.

echo1usa gat lipo

Echo1 Lipo #2 11.1v 1650maH – 25C 110mmx18mmx35mm

“MORE POWER!” Yes, that is possible with the GAT when you use the large brick type Echo1 11.1v Lipo #2 concealed in the grip and nobody will know until empty the magazine in a few bursts. This lipo is the biggest option from Echo1 and it will give more than enough power to dramatically boost the ROF and last all day out in the field. When installing this large lipo make sure the wires and plugs are not pinched or damaged since there will be limited space but it will fit just fine.

echo1 custom gat

Say you don’t like the front grip and battery storage provided and a more classic look is desired? This is possible with the GAT and this is how you accomplish this streamlined look.

echo1usa gat

The GAT front grip is held in place by a metal rail section and could be used to attach a light or laser or another grip. By removing the upper receiver of the GAT with a small Phillips screw driver(GAT Take Down Video) the screws for the rail will be accessible from the top heat shield. Using a 2mm allen driver they can be removed for a quick and easy setup.

echo1usa gat

Now that the provided battery storage is removed where will the battery go now? That is simple, with the use of an aftermarket double or tri-panel lipo it will fit inside the upper receiver between the heat shield and around the barrel. You will have to check with your local store to see what batteries they have and test fit but this is another great option for the GAT.

If you have a battery that fits inside please comment below to help others with this task!

echo1usa gat battery

A close-up shot of the wires in the GAT when using an internal third party lipo. You will not need to cut or soder anything but only move the wires into the empty space to make room. This makes the customization of the GAT very nice and easy.

echo1 gat batteries

So with the GAT you have a wide selection of batteries to use making for a great platform to build on for maximum high speed or power builds to compete on any Airsoft field.

Check with your local store today to check out the GAT in person and to purchase one or buy direct from our online store

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Written by Brian Holt