AirsoftCon with

It’s that time of year again for the AirsoftCon event for the largest Airsoft event on the West Coast.
Evike is located at: 2801 W. Mission Rd. Alhambra, CA 91803

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The event will be a 2 day event starting on Friday Oct. 21st at 10am for a day filled with on site Video Game trucks and many more fun activities on location.
The main day is Saturday Oct. 22nd at 9am and going late into the afternoon at 5pm! People will be camping out for the first in line deals and limited items with a great price.

evike echo1usa

Last year at the AirsoftCon event we displayed the new products including the Knight’s SR16 models and the other currently released models which you can find at today.

This year we will be having a shooting range for the new Troy Industries Battle Rifles so our fans and new Airsofters can stop by and test fire the rifles and check out the other items we have to offer.

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Written by Brian Holt