Gearbox Report of the Knight’s SR16

How do you know if an Airsoft rifle is good or not and worth your hard earned money? You need to do a test drive or see the parts after they have been heavily used and make the call yourself if the rifle is good or not. In this Knight’s SR16 parts review the test drive will happen and the results will be seen up close.

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Knight SR16 Echo1USA

The nozzle and hop up unit for any Airsoft rifle is very important to ensure proper feeding and air seal. This nozzle of the Knight’s SR16 is dirty from being used at the recent shooting events over a four days of dusty continuous shooting.

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The rifles were used very hard by first time users just as a rental in a CQB field would be but add the dust and debris from the shooting range and bad things can happen. In this case the inner barrels were cleaned before each event day but during the day there still was debris build up that got in every place possible of the Airsoft rifle. One of the winning factors of the Knight’s SR16 would be the one piece hop up unit that is used to better seal and keep dirt out. No problems from this or the other demo rifles with this amount of dirt inside.

Knights SR16 Echo1USA

The external parts of the rifle can be tampered with by the user or just wiggles free if it is not designed correctly. A great example of a solid part and how it is designed well will be the magazine release and how it is based off a real firearm design and not using a small screw what can loosen over time. Some Echo1USA rifles in the M4 styles use the older style magazine release with the small screw which is fine but the mindset for the Knight’s was to a two prong attack for the market. First make it budget friendly and to the liking of KAC for the Knight’s trademarks and secondly have it built to last with very little to no maintenance for the shooter. In this review the many other parts that make the Knight’s SR16 a solid platform will be highlighted.

Knights SR16 Echo1USA

The motor is another key part in the function of the rifle and it must work when the time comes. The motor pinion gear is of course made out of steel with the D style in case it needs to be changed out. Upon a closer look of the pinion gear there is very little to no wear on the teeth and that is due to the proper height during the heavy use. Every time the trigger is pulled the motor will crank over and spin to pull the gears to complete each shot. That cranking motion is the vibration felt in the pistol grip and just like an automobile the parts need to be secured otherwise a failure will happen. The motor in the Knight’s SR16 will have a hard time failing since the adjustment screw is a large screw with more than enough surface area and a drop of loctice to keep the prefect adjustment over time.

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Echo1 Airsoft Review

The motor will take most of the abuse during the firing process with the heat and power going through it. A commonly overlooked part of the Airsoft rifle is the motor and the status of the parts to make sure it is working properly. Many times players will clean their inner barrels but forget to check their motors after an extended amount of use. The motor commutator can get burnt and dirty and blocking the power from the battery and stopping all movement. A way to do a quick inspection of the part is to manually spin the pinion and watch the commutator for any burnt marks or deep grooves. After the heavy use of the four days and no stop firing the motor looks really good and can keep on being used without being cleaned or serviced.

Echo1USA Airsoft SR16

The main reason the motor commutator looks so clean after all the use is because the brushes are a solid face design to ensure the most contact for the extended period of time. The brushes are important in how they are pressed inward and that relies on the springs behind them. The motor is a very complex part in the Airsoft rifle.

Echo1USA gearbox

A solid foundation is very important and the 8mm solid steel bushing is perfect for that. The solid steel bushing is a change for the Knight’s SR16 when compared to the other rifles in the Echo1USA lineup but that due to the desires of KAC and wanting a solid rifle inside and out with their name on it. The 8mm ball bearing that is used in the other Echo1USA rifles are great for the stock gearbox stresses and even up to the 500FPS. Just in case an upgrade was needed the strongest part is already installed with this rifle. Being that this gearbox uses a steel bushing it will not fail or erode over time from the gear axels. Some Airsoft rifles use a brass material for bushings which is weaker than the steel and will fail over time with moderate use. Echo1USA would not cut corners in this department.

Echo1USA Gearbox review

The grease for the Knight’s SR16 is applied in the key parts and just the right amount. There is a good amount to keep the bushings and gears greased without going into places that it does not belong.

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Echo1USA gearbox review

The gear grease can move inside the gearbox due to hot temperatures such is sitting in the sun all weekend at the range but it will still not cause any issues by getting into he trigger system of the gearbox. This is the factory grease amount and after the non stop heavy use it still looks good. The gears are properly shimmed from the factory to make sure everything works smoothly.

Echo1USA piston review

The piston of the Knight’s SR16 Airsoft rifle is a made out of nylon fiber and the same found in the RedStar AK series. The advantage of the lightweight piston is to keep the cycle rate up without having extra weight to slow the process down. The piston is a regular TM spec with the tooth design and the second tooth is present. The stock setup is able to work great even with a lipo during the demos during the show without any signs of damage.

Echo1USA wire harness

Current trends in Airsoft claim the use of a lipo battery the Airsoft rifle will explode when no MOSFET is present but from the pictures the wire harness looks great and no issues present. Being that the Knight’s SR16 does not include this upgrade feature the rifle is still able to perform very well out of the box and keep on working without issues. The rifle is still using many other upgrade parts it still makes for a great complete and field ready package. A MOSFET can be installed later but that will be up to the shooter since there are several to choose from and none are the best since they vary in features.

Overall the Knight’s SR16 Airsoft rifle held up great from the events of the non stop shooting and you will find them in some CQB fields for the rental fleets for the same reasons highlighted in this review. The Knight’s SR16 series is a great choice since it is built to last for around the $200 mark it will be a great investment for the Airsoft game.

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Written by Brian Holt

Echo1USA at the Raahauges Sports Fair 2016

Another fun summer weekend at the Raahauges Shooting range for the annual Sports Fair. The fair covers just about all outdoor activities that include Firearms for trap and target shooting, Archery, Airsoft Rifles, Pellet Rifles and even Fishing. This annual event focuses on bringing the family together in the great outdoors or to get into a new hobby since you get to try out everything.

Brian Holt airsoft

Many years ago Brian came to this same sports fair with his parents to shoot the pistols and rifles and he has been into the firearms and ever since. Now he is grateful to give back and help the youngsters learn how to shoot with Airsoft rifles and hopefully get them into the firearm world after.

Knights airsoft gun

The Airsoft rifles that the new shooters could shoot were the Knight’s SR16 Carbine. The rifle is only around five pounds so it is great for people of all sizes. Most of the youngsters and parents have never seen Airsoft up close and this was a great way to let them test it out.

Brian Holt airsoft Echo1

Now at the booth Brian is able to help coach the new shooters on the range. They had the choice of a basic looking SR16 or a customized version like what they see in the video games and they had fun. The parents enjoyed this as well seeing them get some hands on range time with the rifles and the proper guidance.

JAG Precision targets

The targets were the same steel targets that Brian and the other use for firearm practice which made a gentle ‘TING’ with the BB hits. The several targets made it fun for the shooters and also huge improvement from the soda cans some have shot at.

female shooter

Many of the younger shooters would be excited about their first time shooting and convince their Dad or Mom to even try it out. Some of the parents thought Airsoft is just for their children and not for adults but after hitting the targets they were happy with how much fun it was.

airsoft family

Seeing a family come together and have fun with Airsoft is a great sight. The older brothers have played Airsoft and moved into firearms and the younger brother following in their footsteps. This is how Airsoft can be used as a great training rifle with adult supervision to teach proper weapon handling skills which will be needed at the range in the years to come.

If you didn’t make it to this year’s Raahauges Sports Fair you can check out the quick recap of what we saw while we were there. As Echo1USA we have been going to these events to help welcome new and young shooters into the world of Airsoft and eventully the Firearm world. We have another video from our time at the 2011 Raahauges Sports Fair that you can check out as well.

california shooting range

The rest of the Raahauges Sports Fair will cover a lot of ground and weapons you can try as a test drive. Paying for just the ammo the cost is very affordable and you can try any pistol, rifle, shotgun or belt fed weapon at the fair.

Brian was able to go check out the other vendors at the show and the one that had the biggest crowd all weekend was Triple R Munitions that had several belt fed weapons.

The Raahauges Sports Fair comes around every year in Southern California and hope to see you out there next year.

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Written by Brian Holt

The RedStar AKM

Echo1 USA AK

Wanting to get into the ‘AK game” but not sure to what to get since there are so many to choose from. Well the RedStar AK series will be your top pick from the price to performance makes them stand above the rest. The RedStar AKM is the rifle we will check out. In the low two hundred dollar range it is very affordable but it is actually costing much more if you built one up to match this from another AK. The steel body and real wood give the RedStar AKM a great look and finish.

ECHO1 AK Airsoft
(The best Airsoft AK

The RedStar AKM comes with a metal AK hop up unit. Many times the hop up unit is over looked but for an AK it is very important. Due to the seating of the AK magazine the extension tube of a plastic hop up unit can be broken or damaged making the AK inoperable. With the RedStar AKM and the use of the metal hop up unit that is bolted into the barrel and surrounded by a steel body the magazine will lock into place and have a secure and flawless feed for normal use or even high speed upgrades.

Echo1 lipo Airsoft

Speaking of high speed the RedStar AKM and other RedStar series are able to use the Echo1 Lipo’s. As shown in the picture above the Lipo #2 which is a brick type is able to fit inside the wood stock as a snug fit that is secured by the steel stock plate and screws. When on the run with the AKM you should use your sling since there is a front and rear sling mount on the rifle.

Echo1 AK Airsoft gears

Steel on the outside and on the inside for the RedStar series. The AKM uses a high torque short motor along with the steel gears. The motor will give you a fast and crisp trigger response and the gears will not let you down. To keep the gears sitting perfect in the gearbox they are shimmed and held in place by 7mm steel ball bearings that decrease friction and increase the rate of fire and battery life.

Echo1 airsoft ak gearbox

The RedStar AKM is built very tough inside and out from the real wood and steel body and parts to the metal and steel parts for the internals making it an upgraded AK out of the box and ready for you on the field. The AKM will have great range from the brass inner barrel that is using the MadBull orange bucking for an improved air seal and then the metal hop up unit as mentioned before to keep it all rock solid while shooting. The gearbox is a version 3 type giving you thousands of other upgrade options if you choose to do so.

Echo1 redstar AKM airsoft

Overall the RedStar AKM is a great rifle for you if you wanted to get into the world of AK’s for airsoft being that it is built very solid from the wood and steel parts on the outside and you don’t have to upgrade the AKM when you get since it is already done for you. Check out our website for the other RedStar AK’s and if you are looking for a CQB AK check out the CPM vs BOLT blog.

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Written by Brian Holt

M14 Combat Master Inside the Gearbox

The Echo1 M14 Combat Master is one of the more popular DMR rifles in our line up. Recently we covered the M14 series in a M14 blog and we were flooded with emails about the M14 Combat Master and more info on it so we answered your questions. Brian has gone through the entire rifle from the outside to the inside and putting it all back together again to help you through the steps if you want to upgrade or take apart your Combat Master M14 yourself.

Check out the video above to get the info you need but there are some side track videos on just the M14 Hop Up Unit and the M14 Gearbox Assembly to keep the video a little shorter so make sure you check those out as well.

Echo1 M14 Combat Master gearbox

As pointed out in the video it is very hard to release the Anti Reversal latch like you would for a regular V2/ M4 gearbox to reduce spring tension and better keep the parts in place. the parts will jump out of place but with the video will help you put everything back in place.

Modify V7 anti reversal latch

Brian pointed out how the Modify V7 Anti Reversal Latch would be the best part to install and use if you are going to be working on your rifle and want to keep your gearbox neater. Notice the slot on the top of the axle? The slot is for a flat head screw driver to allow you to twist the latch away from the bevel gear stops from the outside of the gearbox. All the Modify Anti Reversal Latches have this feature.

Echo1 M14 Combat Master gearbox

The M14 Combat Master, SOC16 and traditional M14 all use the Version 7 type gearset which is a smaller Spur gear as shown at 13:15. You will have to keep this in mind when buying upgrade gears which are mostly torque up styles to take advantage of the DMR or sniper roles the M14’s can do on the field.

Echo1 M14 gearbox video

The right side of the M14 gearbox will have the selector switch and safety parts and several other small parts that are shown in the Gearbox Assembly video.

Echo1 M14 gearbox video

The left side the M14 Gearbox will be more time consuming and have more parts. The cut off lever and trigger contact springs will be very tricky to install without them flying across the room so make sure you take your time. All the parts will be able to freely move and slide when assembled before you install and screw on the cover plate. Make sure the four screws for the cover plate are in the correct placement as shown in the video here 31:25

Now that you have the gearbox assembled and ready to go you can finish putting the M14 Combat Master back together in the video that picks up here 29:25. Just remember to take your time and make sure everything fits together nice and easy and nothing will have to be forced or made to fit. With the correct tools and parts you can do just about anything with your M14 Combat Master.

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Written by Brian Holt

Get a FREE bag of BBs today from the Parts Shop.

The Echo1USA Parts Shop is having a limited time deal to give out a FREE bag of .25 BBs in a 5,000 count bag. How do you get this bag of high quality BBs in your hands?

Echo1 parts shop

With the purchase of $140 or more you will receive the bag if BBs to complete your Airsoft setup at no extra charge or hidden fees. So that means you can buy the new Knight’s SR16 and since it already comes with the battery and charger in the box you now get a bag of 5,000 BBs making you ready for the games once you get the package and charge your battery of course!

Echo1 parts shop and rifles

Since our rifles already come with a battery and charger this is a great deal but for a limited time only so you have to act now and order from the Echo1 Shop to get your BBs. Make sure you tell your friends about this great deal in case they are unsure about buying and spending more for BBs this will help them out. Always help your #battlebuddy when you can.


What if you don’t need another rifle but you still want the BBs? Well if you spend $140 or more before shipping you will still get the BBs. So that means if you buy the Lipos, MK1 suppressor or any of the replacement or upgrade parts including magazines on the Echo1 Parts Shop you will get the BBs!

Free Echo1USA .25 BB offer starts March 25th ends April 6th 2016

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Written by Brian Holt

Timberwolf pistols and the DEFCON Mini PRB

Headed to the field or range and need to carry your pistol and other needed items? Well you are in luck when it comes to that thanks to DEFCON gear which is a division of Echo1USA.


You can take a seat on the DEFCON Back Pack chair at the local field or range. Learn more about the Chair in this blog. For just a pistol you will want to check out the DEFCON Mini PRB or Pistol Range Bag. This bag will be a great choice for either Airsoft or actual firearms due to the features, cost and functions.

Best Pistol bag

The internal and main compartment of the bag consists of two foam seal-able pockets that can secure to hold the pistol. As you can see the Timberwolfs can both fit inside in their own pocket and kept safe from bumps and scratches. A large velcro section keeps the pockets closed when not in use. Only have one pistol or need more room? The pockets can be removed from the spine of the bag if you like. The internal space is more than enough to hold the two pistols and a 50 round extended magazine or anything else you can think of that you will need.

Echo1 Gear Review

The front pockets are both a decent size and able to hold you Echo1 BB’s in one side and maybe a pair of gloves if you choose. Storage space is everywhere in the DEFCON Mini PRB as you can see.

Echo1 DEFCON gear

For your gas of JAG Precision Race Gas or other items that you need like shooting glasses you can store them in the secondary compartment and with the padded material you don’t have to worry about anything getting smashed.

So as you see the pistols and other key items are securely stored within the bag but what about the magazines you ask? Well the back wall of the bag unzips to reveal a large magazine pouch section. The magazines shown are the Timberwolf magazines and most double stack magazines in Airsoft or the Firearm world should fit just fine. Also in this panel you will see the clear plastic divider with a zipper for small items or oils to keep your pistol is top running condition.
To keep the Timberwolf in top running order the use of the Echo1 Grease Set allows just that. For any shooting competitions or tough CQB games you can store the extra spare parts that are made available from the website.

DEFCON Pistol Range Bag

So if you need a pistol bag like this then you must buy the DEFCON Mini Pistol Range Bag (PRB) and let your range friends know about this great affordable bag too! Buy it here on the DEFCON Gear website today.

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Written by Brian Holt