The RedStar CPM vs. BOLT

Time to hit the CQB field and you need a solid AK that constructed out of metal and is compact and ready for anything you will encounter. That will be a tough choice between the RedStar BOLT and CPM being that they both are great for the CQB environment but have different styles depending on what you want. Let us take a closer look at them both and let you decide what is best.

ECHO1 Redstar AK

As you look over the two models you will notice they are just about the same overall size and length making them great choices but the finer details is where they stand apart. The RedStar BOLT will be the more modernized version with the RIS and Crane stock while the RedStar CPM is more of the classic and simple but not out done version.

The best airsoft AK

Depending on what you need in the field will decide if you need a RIS or rail system on the front of your compact RedStar AK. With the rail system you have the option for more accessories such as vertical grip, flash lights and even a micro optic if you like but that will add up in weight and more things to get caught while running through the CQB field. Looking at the simple RedStar CPM and the lack of rails you will have a contoured hand guard which gives you a sturdy point to grip and less parts to get in the way. The CPM does have the option to have aftermarket rail kits mounted if you change your mind.

Tactical airsoft ak

Now the RedStar BOLT and CPM stand out when you compare the stocks. The CPM uses a traditional side folding metal stock that can lock in the open or folded position. With the CPM and the folded stock it basically cuts the length of the rifle in half making it ideal for CQB or even vehicle use. But with the folded stock you will block the use of the optic mount but the trade of is a front and rear sling point. On the other hand you have the RedStar BOLT and it uses a modern M4 Crane stock design to give the user a more stable shooting platform. The buffer tube in non-folding so it might get in the way if you are in a vehicle but practice and you can do anything. The buffer tube is milspec so you can install a MagPul stock if you like.

Airsoft AK hop up

The hop up units are both the traditional AK style hop ups but in this match the RedStar BOLT will win with the included metal hop up. Both are using the MadBull 60 degree bucking so that makes them great for accuracy and FPS.

Airsoft AK batteries

Both RedStar models use the hinge type dust cover for the battery storage. They both come with a AK type stick battery which is good to get started but if you need more fire power you can use the Echo1 Lipo #1 or buffer tube style battery. It will fit as long as you gently close the top cover and have it positioned to the back a little more.

echo1 ak parts

Once you have your new RedStar BOLT or CPM you can get some upgrade parts if you like. Being that they are using a Version 3 gearbox you can use the Echo1 High Speed 16:1 sets and a Modify Ultra Piston or any other parts you like. Wanting to use midcaps? The AK Dogs of War metal midcaps fit and work great and combined with the CPM CQB comp and Lipo #1 you will be set for the game.

Check out an upgrade video from BRIANatECHO1 and what he did with his BOLT to make it a High Speed and loud little AK for the local CQB field.

Here is the Gameplay video of the RedStar BOLT in action at the local indoor field. The setup makes it great for up close shooting.

After you have looked at both compact RedStar AK’s you should have a better guess on which one you need to get next for your CQB games.

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Written by Brian Holt