The Newest Edition of the XCR Polymer Series is Finally Here

A New Desert Look of the XCR-C and XCR-L Now Available in Tan

With the XCR Polymers release, people can now afford an XCR at a fraction off the cost. But now the XCR Polymer has come out in a cool Tan color for desert combat MilSim players. The XCR Polymer Tan comes in both a short and long version. The XCR-C is the carbine length version giving players easy maneuverability around tight spaces. The XCR-L long version can be used for indoor fields and outdoor fields. Both come with a standard integrated rail for accessory add-ons, two magazines, vertical grip, battery and charger. Check out these great products now and get yours today while supplies last.

Product page links:

Robinson Arms XCR-C in Tan
Robinson Arms XCR-L in Tan

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