The Polymer XCR series

The Polymer XCR series
Echo1USA XCR airsoft gun

The Robinson Armament XCR series are an interesting and truly innovative rifle design in the firearm world and we as Echo1USA has brought the details of the rifles into the world of Airsoft.

Echo1 XCR airsoft

The XCR series are available in both Black and Tan and three different lengths to accommodate all styles of players. There is the Long, CQB and Pistol version of the Polymer XCR series.

Echo1 Airsoft XCR review

The XCR rifles will stand out above the M4 series in the way the upper receiver is a monolithic design. With the one piece solid upper receiver it makes it a much more stable platform for precision shooting and less parts to tighten over time like a delta ring on a M4. Being that this is an Airsoft rifle you still have all the options to install your favorite tight bore barrel if you desire. With the flat top rail on the XCR’s you can mount any type of iron sight or optic and still have room for a PEQ box.

Echo1USA airsoft XCR

The XCR Long and CQB rifles will come with a vertical foregrip that has a built in storage compartment that can be used for CR123 batteries or any small tools you might need on the field for your optic. Looking at the XCR you will see the different parts on it and the familiar parts like you will find on a M4. The XCR is similar to a M4 for the fire control and magazine release along with the pistol grip. The new parts would be side charging handle similar to an AK47 but on the left side and the monolithic upper and removable barrel set like you would find in a Masada. The XCR is a mix of all the great rifles in one great package.

Echo1USA xcr airsoft

The XCR’s are almost the same but the XCR Pistol being the latest release changes things up a little. The XCR’s all have a rear sling loop. The Long and CQB version have a single sling loop built into the metal buffer tube adapter. The Pistol will have a metal receiver base and a sling swivel for a better one point application in the field. The XCR’s do have interchangeable parts so you can swap the uppers, lowers and stock adapters if you bought another XCR.

Echo1 XCR hop up unit

The hop up for the XCR is a regular M4 one piece hop up unit and to access it you just simply pull back on the large charging handle to slide back the fake bolt to gain access. The bolt does not lock open but with the large hop up adjustment wheel you can adjust and hold the bolt back with one hand while keeping your fire hand on the grip for proper weapon usage.

Echo1 XCR v2 gearbox

The XCR series use the standard Version 2 or M4/M16 type gearbox and parts making it great for upgrades and giving you more options. The one piece M4 hop up with the large spring is pressed against the gearbox to help absorb the shock from the piston striking and to ensure the great airseal for the nozzle and bucking. This combined with the MadBull bucking gives the XCR a better FPS and grouping. For more info on the XCR check out the complete takedown on the Echo1 Tech Support Channel.

This is a great video to show you all the parts for the XCR and on the same channel all the other rifles are covered as well. Make sure you are subscribed to the Echo1 Tech Support Channel too!

Echo1 XCR polarstar

Now that you bought your new XCR and used it a lot and want to spice things up a bit at the local field you have many options on what you can do with it. A simple upgrade will be a Lipo #1 to boost the ROF or you can add some other gearbox parts. A complete gearbox swap to the Modify Torus Speed set would be one option. With the Modify Torus gearbox it will be a simple drop in and good to go. Say if you wanted to go the HPA route you can use the PolarStar JACK for the M4 and you will be set. The XCR series is able to do anything you need it to on the Airsoft field.

Want to see the XCR chambered in 5.56 at the range used by Brian? Check out the video below and you can see the XCR in action.

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Written by Brian Holt

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