The Robinson XCR-C and XCR-L Polymer Now Available from Echo1

The long awaited Rob Arms XCR-C and XCR-L Polymer airsoft electric guns are now available exclusively from Echo1. These new versions have the look and feel of the original full metal XCR, but now feature a light weight polymer body and crane stock. If you are looking for that rifle that has the looks of an M4 with a little twist, you’ve came to the right place.

XCR Poly Echo1The new polymer XCRs feature a fully integrated rail system which allows the operator to install their favorite accessories – fore grips, flashlights, lasers, PEQ boxes, optics, and more. The monolithic body ensures that the weapon system is strong and sturdy, eliminating weaknesses from gaps between rails and receivers commonly found on M4 based systems.

The internals of the XCR now feature a pre-upgraded standard Version 2 gearbox. This allows users to easily upgrade the XCR using a plethora of after market parts already available for the popular gearbox platform. Though you can easily upgrade this AEG, it already comes with a ported piston head, bearing spring guide, high speed gears, and a Madbull hop up bucking.

The XCR polymer comes standard with two high capacity magazines, battery and charger. It is ready to go out of the box. If you were considering the original full metal XCR, why not consider this more economical alternative. With the standard Version 2 gearbox, crane stock wired to the rear, and all the extras – this is one value proposition you will definitely not want to miss. Get one today from Echo1.

Robinson Arms XCR-C Polymer – $209.99

Robinson Arms XCR-L Polymer – $209.99

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