Troy Industries Battle Rifle by Echo1USA – Complete Review

The Troy Industries Battle Rifle series was introduced in the 2016 SHOTShow and received a huge amount of hype since it will be an up to date Try rifle with the TRX hand guards, Battle Axe stock and all at the fraction of the price if it was pieced together. Once again Echo1USA is working with MadBull Airsoft and a firearms company Troy Industries to make a great rifle for the collector and the player that looks true to life.

Echo1USA Troy TRX airsoft

This will cover all of your questions about the gearbox and parts used to make this great rifle take only costs around $200 with all these features. If you are in the market for a new M4 rifle this will be your best choice as you will see. This Troy rifle is already upgraded but you can still do more to customize it to your needs.

Echo1USA Airsoft review

The front end of the Troy Industries Battle Rifle will have the normal orange flash hider that is pinned in place for proper import and sales. Underneath the flash hider the metal outer barrel will be threaded in the standard 14mm counter clockwise (CCW) so you can attach your favorite MadBull flash hider if you like. The solid metal TRX hand guard will go to the end of the barrel to give you more options for mounting and on the top will be the Troy iron sights. With the holes you see on the TRX hand guard it is for the modular mounting options of the rail panels that are sold separately as a TRX Rail section 3 pack. This keeps the rifles weight down and gives you the stream line option of only using the mounting sections for your needed flash light or vertical grip and nothing else.

Echo1 Troy TRX review

The Troy Battle sight is made out of metal and with a solid construction like the real counterpart the sight will have a lock button for the up and folded down options. The front sight post is adjustable with a standard front sight tool.

Echo1USA Airsoft Troy

The rear sight matches the build quality of the front sight to give a solid lock position along with left and right adjustments to better sight in the rifle with the iron sights which are standard on the rifle. Both the front and rear sight can be removed from the top rail with the use of a flat head screw driver if you choose to do so.

Echo1USA Troy TRX barrel

Underneath the metal Troy TRX hand guard the metal outer barrel will be found. One of the many cost effective features of the Echo1 Troy Industries Battle Rifle is the attention to detail while keeping the cost low. The outer barrel will be a solid one piece barrel to have a rigid barrel that will not loosen over time like other brands that use set screws to hold the barrel together. No maintanece here ever and on top of that the barrel nut uses the same Mil Spec as the real rifle so you can use the correct AR tools if you like.

Echo1USA Airsoft Troy

The Troy TRX barrel nut does work with the regular AR wrench to add to the realism of the rifle. The TRX hand guard has secure mounting system like the real counterpart when it comes down to the two tension screws on the bottom and the anti rotation tabs that connect with the upper receiver. For the Airsoft version there will be a left and right tab to prevent any rotation and to give it a more uniform look.

Echo1USA troy industries

The Echo1USA Troy Industries Battle Rifle will be equipped with a light weight a durable metal body. This metal body will be held together with large allen key body pins and have the standard M4 features when it comes down to the trigger and fire control. The bolt release is non functional.

Echo1USA troy TRX airsoft

Another unique feature of the Troy Rifle will be the extended magazine release that is angled down and closer to the trigger to allow for a faster magazine change. The magazine release uses a standard mounting setup in the body so it can easily be worked on or removed for the steps to remove the gearbox. The trigger guard is also an upgraded part and not the standard flat bar but this is an enlarged curved guard to allow for the use of gloves and give the rifle a little more style.

Madbull Battle AXE stock

The Troy Battle Axe stock has all the features you could need. Several mounting points for slings and storage room. The Battle Axe stock will be included with the Troy Industries Battle Rifle by Echo1 and will make the rifle a great completed rifle because the stock along from MadBull Airsoft is in the $130 range. As mentioned before the sling options will consist of three quick detach or QD points on the left, right and bottom so a QD sling swivel can be attached as shown. On the top of the stock will be an option for a sling to be looped through. The stock adjustment lever will be out of the way unlike the traditional M4 and location in the front in a large streamline push lever.

Echo1USA Lipo battery

The Battle Axe stock is able to store a PEQ type lipo in the bottom section and even a Buffer Tube lipo once the excess wires are routed away. The inner compartment for the battery storage has foam to securely hold the battery pack in place and prevent any bumping or rocking noise while in use. This somewhat unique stock for Airsoft will not fit a regular “mini” battery or “brick” lipo despite the large appearance. The PEQ lipo or Buffer tube lipo will be more than enough to operate the rifle in any situation. The Troy rifle will come with a stock battery to get you started on the field. Another great feature of the Battle Axe stock will be the access door which is hinged and not going to get lost like a crane stock butt pa does. To open the back of the stock there will be a spring loaded latch to pull down making for a very secure stock.

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Echo1USA Airsoft review

That is the outside of the solid Troy Industries Battle Rifle by Echo1USA and MadBull making for a perfect rifle without costing a fortune. If the parts were all bought separate and assembled it would be in the $500 range but this Troy rifle and the joint work by all three companies worked to deliver a solid and beautiful looking rifle starting in the $200 range. You might think the gearbox is where the corners were cut but that is not the case here or ever with Echo1USA. Now lets take a look at the gearbox of the Echo1USA Troy Industries Battle Rifle.

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Echo1USA troy gearbox review

The Troy Rifle will be using an upgraded gearbox and parts to further enhance the Airsoft gameplay you will have on the field. The video linked above will cover all the parts and the takedown steps if needed. With this Troy Rifle it will be using the standard V2 type gearbox to push out 415 FPS with a .20 BB that will settle after the first magazine and keep the FPS at the sweet mark of 390+ while the rate of fire will be a competitive 19~with the PEQ lipo. This high performance gearbox inside the full metal construction of the Troy Rifle makes for a perfect field ready but lets check out the parts to further show you why this rifle is your next purchase.

Echo1 troy motor

The Troy Rifle will be using an elongated Troy Battle Axe grip to house a standard Long Type motor which allows for more options when it comes to upgrades.There is another Troy Battle Axe grip from MadBull Airsoft that is the true size and uses a Medium Type motor but that is only sold separately as an aftermarket part.

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Echo1USA airsoft motor

Inside the Troy grip there will be the metal threads for the base plate. This is common in aftermarket grips but included as a stock option makes this a great addition. The motor grip base is also vented to allow excess heat out so the motor can cool down faster during longer and more intense shooting engagements.

Echo1USA Airsoft gears

The gears used the in the Troy Rifle will be an all purpose gearset that is right in the middle of speed and torque provide a long lasting and durable set to handle the 400+ FPS and the use of a lipo and the higher rate of fire that comes with the increased voltage. The gears will be shimmed and held in place by 8mm steel ball bearings to reduce friction on the axles of the gears and increase the battery life since it requires less energy to cycle the gears. The sector gear will be using a large delayer to better pull back the tappet plate for flawless feeding with the use of a lipo. If you installed a High Speed Motor and used a lipo the Troy will still feed just fine but the high cap might need to be swapped out for a Midcap for a better time on the field.

Echo1USA airsoft gearbox parts

Underneath the Sector Gear will be the Cut Off Lever which is knocked every cycle and makes the Semi Auto function work. Being that this lever is made out of steel it will not get worn down or need to be changed out with an upgraded unit. One less step or part to be upgraded saving the customer time and money.

Echo1USA Airsoft metal piston

The piston in the Troy Rifle will be top of the line with the full steel piston rack. This piston will be much stronger than the other ‘stock’ pistons on the market since they are still using a polycarb tooth setup which is ok but will need to be changed out if you are going to be upgrading the rifle but this piston is already installed and ready to go.

Echo1 metal piston

For a closer look at the piston the steel tooth rack can be slid out of place in case any modifications are at hand and this gives the player more options to take advantage of the steel tooth rack. The nylon fiber body is thicker and has an octagonal shape to maximize the material walls and still accept standard AEG springs. The underside of the rack has more material to support and hold the non metal body together. In the stock setup the piston will last longer than other parts and once modded for an upgrade and glued which is the recommended step to do the piston will continue to hold up to the constant force. The ported piston head with the bearings is a nice touch to add to the pre upgraded claim of the Troy Rifle gearbox.

metal hop up airsoft

The gearbox with the great parts and compression are great and all when combined with the solid one piece outer barrel to give you the power and stability but you need a proper hop up unit and airseal otherwise it is all a waste. The hop up unit is the Troy TRX series will be a Metal M4 One Piece Unit to perfectly compliment the Troy Industries metal body. Along with the metal hop up unit a MadBull bucking will be already installed. With this MadBull bucking the hop up or backspin will be more positive due to the larger bump, the FPS will raise a few since the material is thicker and able to seal against the nozzle. This will give the BBs a straighter and more consistent flight path and grouping down range every time.

Echo1USA troy trx review

In conclusion the Troy Industries Battle Rifle from Echo1USA and MadBull Airsoft makes for a great rifle from all the parts on the outside making it a perfect Troy Industries rifle tot he gearbox on the inside that makes it so the player does not have to spend time and money upgrading the rifle to get out on the field you cannot go wrong with it if you think about it. The Troy rifles come in the three lengths depending on what you are thinking about using it for. This is the longest version using a TRX 13 inch hand guard and a standard 363mm inner barrel. The CQB version will be using a TRX 10 inch hand guard and will be short for CQB but still a decent size for most outdoor uses with its 280mm inner barrel. For the shortest and smallest option the Troy M7A1 is what is needed. The M7A1 will have all the parts you saw in the gearbox and outside but a dramatically shorter 7 inch hand guard with a 205mm inner barrel.

You can find the Troy rifles in stock on the Echo1Shop right now or at your local Echo1USA Dealer.

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