Why choose Echo1? We’ve got plenty of answers…

When failure is not an option there is only once choice in the wonderful world of airsoft. It’s Echo1. Don’t just take our word for it. Check with your local airsoft store and watch the tech support videos to see inside the guns. The officially licensed Stag Arms M4 looks like any other M4 on the wall at your local airsoft store but it is significantly different than others. The main differences is the body, official trade marks, bucking, gearbox shell, piston, bearings, warranty card and other contents in the box.

Lets start with the body of the Stag Arms M4 polymer – the most affordable M4 in the Echo1 product line.  The Stag Arms M4 polymer receivers come in a rich black and feature high quality ABS while most M4 automatic electric airsoft guns in the market are the standard dull gray. Because Echo1USA holds the official license from Stag Arms, there are strict standards placed to the look and feel of the product. The trademarks are screened or etched into the receiver – no stickers. Remember to consider these noticeable differences when comparing and Echo1 with the cheaply made competition.

The inside of the Stag Arms M4 is built tough and comes with pre-upgraded internals. Echo1 is a company of true airsoft players and know what players want and need to get on the field and play. In the early days of airsoft, one would have to buy the gun and parts separately and have it installed at the store – easily taking weeks and adding hundreds of dollars onto your purchase. Our first hand experience with these frustrations lead to the birth of Echo1 Airsoft. Our mission was to create a brand of affordable simulated training weapons, but we didn’t stop there. We work with MadBull Airsoft, having their Blue 60 degree hop up buckings come pre-installed – giving you a far better air seal and increased accuracy. The gearbox is built up, making it a solid high performance gearbox. The gearbox features an 8mm shell so you have the largest option for upgrades. The shell is painted black with white Echo1 insignia letting you know this isn’t your ordinary airsoft gun. Using 8mm steel ball bearings combined with the steel gears will give you less resistance and higher rate of fire and a smooth operation. The piston is reinforced and modified to handle more stress and provide increased performance. The body is made out of high quality poly carbonate, using an angled design to make it strong yet lightweight. The first tooth features reinforcement bars on both sides to prevent stripping when used with a LiPo Battery or hard spring. The second tooth comes removed. A thick ported piston head finishes this beast making it ready to go, out of the box. Li-Poly batteries work flawlessly with Stag Arms M4.

A battery and charger comes standard in most Echo1 packages, so you can start playing with your friends immediately. All Echo1 guns come with a 30-Day Warranty.  The Echo1 30 Day Warranty will cover any problems that arise – from a stripped gear to damaged internal parts. For more information about the warranty, visit the Warranty Page.

All these unique features differentiate Echo1 from other airsoft brands. The Echo1 airsoft gun is often imitated, but is never properly duplicated. Your local airsoft store may say a competitor’s product is an exactly like an Echo1. With this new information, Echo1 invites you to test their knowledge of what truly differentiates Echo1 from the rest. Echo1 is built for the players by the players. Once you get your hands on one there’s no turning back.

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