Win a Free PRI or MFR MadBull and Echo1 rifle

It’s your time to win a new Echo1 rifle with a Madbull Daniel Defense MFR or PRI rail. Valued each at $300 you can win these cool new exclusive guns from Echo1 by liking Echo1usa’s Facebook page or Madbull’s. Enter now for your chance to win.

Echo1 USA Facebook:

Madbull Airsoft Facebook:

16 thoughts on “Win a Free PRI or MFR MadBull and Echo1 rifle

  1. Are the people who already like the pages automatically entered into the contest?

  2. i have had a classic army m4 and to tell you the truth it preformed like a monster but i had a bit of an issue with mine… the piston and the gears tore up in like 1000 round not verry upper tier if you ask me… classic army is over priced junk in my experience. would rather buy jing gong

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