Madbull Airsoft PWS SRX Rail Extension for MK16/17 Series in Black

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Details:Licensed by: Primary Weapon SystemThe Madbull PWS SRX is based on the popular primary weapons system design. The PWS SRX (SCAR Rail Extension) is a quad-railed extension rail for the SCAR series rifles. The SRX adds 5” to the length of your Picatinny rails. The top rail is 2.7 long and allows the use of flashlights and other accessories to be mounted at the 12 o’clock position without interfering with your sights or optics due to the Finally, the SRX features 2 QD sling swivel points positioned on the sides of the rail. It’s made of high quality light weight and durable aluminum with a matte black finish. It includes a cut out for the gas block and flip up front site. Add this rail to give the SCAR an aggressive superb new battle length and improved function ability. Madbull’s PWS SRX is exactly the rail extension SCAR users have been wanting and now it’s finally here!Package includes:- 1 X PWS SRX rail extension- 1 x PWS Adapter section- 3X ScrewsFeatures:- Simple two piece installation- 5” of extra Picatinny rails- 2 QD swivel points- No front sight interference- Improved battle length appearance- PWS trade marks- High quality aluminum constructionBrand Compatibility: FIT VFC SCAR-L &H/ WE SCAR-L &H/ DBOY&ECHO1 ASC-HNot for ClassArmy SCAR-L / DBOY SCAR-L / ECHO1 ASC-L

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