Advance Dynamic Systems Universal Panel Adapter (UPA)

by ADS

The Advance Dynamic Universal Panel Adapter is a scalable tactical gear system designed to integrated with most available plate carrier. The Universal Panel Adapter allows the wearer to adapt a standard section of the host carrier to be completely modular.
The Universal Panel Adapter utilizes a standard dimension that guarantees integration with most plate carriers widely used by Law Enforcement and Military. The panel uses ITW hardware to ensure compatibility with other aftermarket accessories that come equipped with ITW buckles. The Universal Panel Adapter requires a 6x4 section of MOLLE webbing to install and is able to modernize older plate carrier designs to increase functionality.

(1x) MOLLE panel adapter
(1x) Universal Panel Adapter
(4x) MALICE Clips
(2x) QASM buckles

Proudly Made in the USA

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