CAW Real Wood M79 Sawed Off

by CAW
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CAW M79 Sawed-off 40mm Grenade Launcher Built from genuine wood, metal, and high impact ABS plastic, this sawed off version of the M79 launcher is literally a hand-cannon! Load it up with any BB shower shell, and you can launch awesome and tremendously powerful attacks on your opponents. It's small size makes it versatile like a pistol! Lots of fun to shoot! Center loaded means you flip a switch and the barrel tilts forward and away from the receiver like a shotgun. Simply pop your shell into the barrel, latch it back in place and you're ready to shoot with a pull of the trigger! No cocking required. Just load and pull the trigger! Equipped with safety button to prevent accidental discharge.


  • Build Material - Full metal (except barrel: ABS) / Wood
  • Length - 380mm
  • Barrel Length - 220mm
  • Weight - 950g
  • Works best with most M203 40mm shell (both 6mm and 8mm BB models).


  • Mad Bull M381 18 Rounds BB Shower Grenade

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