JAG Arms Extreme MOSFET with wiring

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'- Professionally designed and manufactured mosfet with 400mm long wires on each side for airsoft electric guns (AEG)- Four high quality 1,5qmm (AWG16) power wires covered with silicon insulation and two 0,25qmm (AWG24) signal wires- Mosfet increases gun rate of fire (ROF) and battery holds longer- No arcing on switch contacts- Specified for common batteries up to 17 V (Ni-xx 8.4V - 14,4V, li-pol 7.4V - 14.8V, li-fe 9.9V - 13.2V)- Designed for maximum spring M210- Mosfet handles up to 2.5 times bigger currents than it's cheaper variant- 5 times better switch on resistance = lower mosfet heating- Massive cooler for heat dissipation, it is glued to mosfet-Easy to understand 6 wires connection- Device size 32x21x13mm- Paths on the board reinforced by 1 qmm wire jumpers- Coated with lacquer, which protects device against water- Manual Included
WARNING: Professional Installation Required

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