Madbull Airsoft GEMTECH Raptor II for SG Series 3-lug Adap Only

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Gemtech Raptor II (Gemtech Fully licensed product) Features: Aluminum T6 6061 Matte Black Oxide Finish Available About Raptor II: (link) The original Gemtech RAPTOR has long been the quintessential quick mounting suppressor for the MP5 submachine gun and it continues to evolve and get better. The RAPTOR-II brings an improved baffle design to have less blowback while getting even quieter sound signature reduction. Decreased in length, it makes for a shorter "nose" to the weapon allowing fast target acquisition and agility in tight quarters. The patented Gemtech Tri-Lock mounts quickly and securely onto the HK 3-lug barrel (Male 3-Lug adapters may be installed on other carbines, such as the UZI or M16 9mm). As one of the oldest suppressor manufacturers in the U.S., we can proudly - and honestly - report lifespans proven in excess of 200,000 rounds through RAPTOR suppressors still providing service use. We don't just say we build them to last - you've proved it for us. The RAPTOR-II is truly a workhorse and the standard against which all MP5 suppressors are measured. The RAPTOR series is also available in a .40 S&W / 10mm version. The RAPTOR-40 is designed to mate directly to the 3-lug barrel of the MP5/40 or MP5/10 submachine gun. Aout Gemtech: (link) GEMTECH began in 1993, as a supergroup of already-leading suppressor designers with roots in the silencer business going back to 1976. Mixing this old-school experience with modern CNC and robotic construction methods, honest business ethics, and a customer-first attitude, GEMTECH has grown year after year, proving itself over time while other companies with their "lifetime guarantees" came and went. You will rarely hear anything other than the highest praise for our customer service and general lack of internet drama -- We do our job quietly and do it well: Designing, testing, manufacturing, servicing, and selling the best quality silencers and accessories at absolutely fair prices. GEMTECH is in duty use around the world with many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines of the United States military, Intelligence Community, Federal Law Enforcement, state and local peace officers, wildlife and agricultural agencies, friendly foreign military and police, and providing excellent service with tens of thousands of civilian sport shooters. We serve each part of our diverse client base to the best of our ability, and every day we come to work to help out people just like you.

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