Madbull Airsoft JP 16" Mid-Length OTB Kit

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Details:The Madbull JP Gas Block Kit is truly one of a kind in the airsoft world. It allows you to have 4 different lengths of outer barrels without the price of 4 new individual outer barrels. Even though it is a 2 piece barrel, the Madbull JP Gas Block Kit uses large threads and a set screw to achieve the sturdiness of a one piece barrel. It is light weight in comparison with other one piece barrels and is constructed with aluminum. This kit will allow you to use almost any rail system in the market and be able to switch outer barrels at any time without the hassle of removing the rail system first. Package include:Barrel BaseGas blockBarrel Extension(s)Flash hiderMock gas tubeFeatures:Adjustable lengthLight weightConstructed with aluminumBlack oxide coatingMock Gas tube includedSturdy construction2 piece design with a 1 piece feelStress free barrel extension assembly

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