Madbull Airsoft Noveske NSR Rail Section - 9 SLOT

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Details:The Madbull licensed Noveske NSR handguard rail is one of the most advanced KeyMod systems on the market. The KeyMod self-contained components/mounting hardware index and V-block onto the platform, achieving a secured and accurate hold to the system, while separate lugs take the recoil force off the fasteners. The pass through attachment method eliminates the need for loose screws and backing plates that can easily be lost, or difficult to install. Another advantage of the KeyMod system over the 1913 system is the direct attach eliminates the need for the 1913 system as a "middle Man" thereby reducing weight and accessory off-set from the center of the handguard. Customize the size and length and number of rails you want on your NSR! Package include:1 x 9 slot 1913 rail section Features:- Simple to use installation- Mounts directly to Keymod holes- Various degrees on installation- No nuts or attachment sections required- Customize location of rails- Light weight - Clean matte black finish

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