Madbull Airsoft RG108 BB Shower Shell - 108rnds

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Name:Grenade (B.B. Shower) RG108 Part Number: RG108 Description: RG108 108 rds rifle B.B. shower. Quick detach flash hider included. Materials: Aluminum/ Steel Cal./ Capacity: 6mm / 108 Weight/ Length: 360g / 16cm Power: Green Gas Only!!! Range: 3.5 / 5.0 Power: 3 / 5.0 Spread: 4.5 / 5.0 Capacity: 4 / 5.0 Status: Available in early Sep. Other Details : Click for more photos and details RG108 is a launcherless B.B. Shower. You only need to attach this grenade on our special designed flash hider. Then, you fire a B.B. bullet from your AEG and shoot the "fire pin" to fire the 108 rds B.B. at once. RG108 also have the quick detach function. The package including a B.B. Shower and a flash hider. This B.B. shower can only use GREEN GAS or you can't fire it. NOTE: This is a B.B. shower toy. Not a real thing. Please wear goggle all the time and don't aim to people. NOTE: This is a B.B. shower toy. Not an explosive grenade. Everyone should wear goggles in the field and please don't aim at people. Please read the users manual in the box before use.

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