Modify Vise Tool (TOOL-06)

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Improved & Updated Version of the German-Made Gun Vise. Multi-Positional For Unlimited Access To Your Work The unique reversible feature gives you two jaw plates for the price of one. Rapid jaw change. High tensile strength aluminum alloy construction. Polymer adjustment handwheel with threaded steel bushing glides along the vise screw with exceptional smoothness for precise tension control. Simple and reliable, spring-loaded, cog-locking system allows instant one-hand adjustment by pulling back on the rear 3-Jaw and rotating it to any of 17 different positions in 20° increments. 1.Color:Red 2.Weight: 2.65kg / 5.84lb 3.Curved Jaws 3-1. long:97 mm 3-2. Jaw opening:52mm 3-3. Jaw closed:25mm 4.Long Straight Dual Jaws 4-1. long:67 mm 4-2. Jaw opening:42mm 5.Short Straight Dual Jaws 5-1. long:36 mm 5-2. Jaw opening:42mm 6.Clamping capacity on surfaces 6-1. Max: 65mm 6-2. Min: 25mm thick

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