Polar Star Fusion Engine MP5 Nozzle


The Polar Star Air Nozzles come in different bore diameters allowing players to change their FPS for different occasions. The user can easily shift the velocity adjustment up or down depending on FPS target range.

Polar Star Air Nozzle FPS list:

Green Nozzle - CQB (275mm) = 313fps, Carbine (380mm) = 325fps, Rifle (509mm) = 363fps

Gold Nozzle - CQB (275mm) = 350fps, Carbine (380mm) = 366fps, Rifle (509mm) = 400fps

Blue Nozzle - CQB (275mm) = 380fps, Carbine (380mm) = 405fps, Rifle (509mm) = 435fps

Black Nozzle - CQB (275mm) = 423fps, Carbine (380mm) = 457fps, Rifle (509mm) = 476fps

Silver Nozzle - CQB (275mm) = 446fps, Carbine (380mm) = 494fps, Rifle (509mm) = 514fps

Red Nozzle - CQB (275mm) = 500fps, Carbine (380mm) = 550fps, Rifle (509mm) = 590fps

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