Polar Star Universal Gas Stock (UGS) Type 2

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With the PolarStar UGS (Universal Gas Stock) you can now get the performance advantage of a HPA system without needing to be tethered to a remote air rig and still retain the likeness and function of a traditional adjustable AR-15 stock. It can be used with any of the PolarStar cylinder conversion kits such as the F2, F1 or JACK and is compact enough that it can also be used with other similar HPA cylinder systems on the market.

The UGS features an integral regulator which follows the same design as the highly regarded PolarStar Micro Reg and delivers the same lightening fast performance. This regulator has a output pressure range of 40-130psi which is easily adjusted using a 3/32 allen key but can be locked out using a standard chrono zip tie which blocks the adjustment screw.

This configuration is designed to accept 13ci HPA tanks and R3 buttstock (sold separately) but it can be reconfigured for additional gas input options to include CO2 and Mil-Spec diameter HPA cylinders which are currently in development.

The Type 1 is designed for use with M4 series AEG receivers that accept threaded buffer tubes such as the G&P R3 series. This is where the buffer tube itself threads into the receiver. (Modification of the gearbox is required)

The Type 2 is designed for use with traditional TM Spec M4 series AEG receives. This is where the buffer tube slides onto a stock tail on the back of the receiver and is secured by a bolt. (Modification of the receiver and gearbox is required)

  • Works with HP or SLP regulators. SLP Recommended.
  • Simple zip-tie lockout/tournament lock.
  • Adjustable length of pull.
  • Same internal design as the Micro Reg. All internals except piston are interchangeable between Micro Reg and UGS.
  • The UGS regulator uses only 2 o-rings, promoting reliability and ease of maintenance.
  • Compatible with all standard 2" diameter tanks and most 2" tank stocks used in paintball applications.
  • Includes castle nut and all mounting hardware.
  • Not compatible with Fusion Engine
Min Output Pressure 40 PSI
Max Output Pressure 130 PSI
Max Input Pressure 900 PSI
Outputs Interfaces w/ Airline (6mm OD x 4mm ID)
Warranty Information 1 Year Limited Warranty


Tank not included.

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