Redline Airsoft Grip Connect

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The Grip Connect allows you to more easily connect and disconnect your air system since one half of your quick connect is now solidly attached to your rifle.It also gives a neater, cleaner look to your rifle when your rifle is disconnected from its air system.The Grip Connect has standard 1/8th NPT threads on the inlet side and a non-locking push connect on the outlet side. The push connect portion is extra deep to align the hose to the oring assuring leak free performance.The fact that it is non-locking means the entire Grip Connect / lower plate assembly can be easily removed from the hand grip when necessary.The Grip Connect is designed for use with the newer 6mm hose that Polarstar is now using on their Fusion Engines. If you have an older Fusion Engine / PR15 you will need to convert it to the 6mm hose (included) when installing the Grip Connect.Some easy modifications to your grip base plate and Engine hose are required.Second photo shows Grip Connect with included air fitting installed in gun.Choose either a self sealing (newer systems with no slide check) or non-self sealing (older systems with a slide check) fitting.

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