Socom Gear Lancer 340rnds L5 AWM High Cap Mag -2pk

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Lancer 340rd L5 Advanced WarFighter Magazine(AWM)Lancer 340rd L5 Advanced WarFighter Magazine(AWM) - Hi Cap / 2pcsThese magazines are replicas of the real steel Lancer L5 Advanced War fighter Magazines. They are made from polymer and textured to feel comfortable in the user's hand. There are many benefits that the polymer construction of this magazine presents, first and foremost being the fact that they are so lightweight. Whereas typical metal magazines can be very heavy when fully loaded, but the polymer construction significantly cuts down on the overall weight of the magazine. The polymer construction also removes the danger of the magazines rusting or corroding after heavy use. Each magazine holds 350 rounds and comes with a winding wheel for quick reloading that will keep you in the fight. Recommended for use with A&K, Echo 1, JG, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, VFC, ICS, G&G, and G&P M4/M16 series AEG's. These may not fit into every A.E.G. Features:-Innovative polymer for lightweight and incredibly durability-Reel Steel Lancer L5 Mag replica with complete with L5-AWM logo-Fully Trademarks-Textured Body -Hicap winding wheel -Holds 340 rounds

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