Strike Advance Retention Systems (ARS)

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The sling in all its forms, 1 point, 2 point, and even 3 point configurations has served an admirable job in making it easier to carry our long guns, but are not without their drawbacks, chief among them, bulk, tangle risks, and the need to use two hands to use them. With Strike Industries’ Advanced Retention System allows one to apply fast, secure retention in all directions while maintaining a low profile. Like a handgun holster, the SI-SARS enables the user to quickly engage targets with zero restriction on movement, and hang securely when maneuvering or engaging in other tasks. Strike Industries Advance Retention System The SARS is attached to the users preferred system, such as a battle belt or plate carrier equipped with MOLLE and is compatible with any weapon system with a QD stud. The locking system can be completely disengaged for faster deployment, but can be engaged/disengaged quickly when greater retention. The SARS can be used both as a standalone retention system or used in combination with a single point sling for greater security. Package includes:- 1x Universal QD Holster- 1X QD Stud Short- 1X QD Stud Long- 1 Extra Switch Lever Features- MOLLE compatible- Dual mode locking system- Single hand operation- Omni directional retention- Recommended to use with SI Ambush- Adjustable retention

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