Strike Industries KeyMod Covers in Gray

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The Strike Industries Keymod Cover is a complete kit to enhance control, appearance, and protection of your Keymod handguards. Included in the kit is a low profile, low snag hand stop that adds control without getting in the way of your gear. Made of impact resistant fiber filled polymer, the panels provide insulation to protect your hand from hot hand guards during extended firing sessions. The two-piece, interlocking panels are easy to install, and very secure when combined with the provided front and end locking plates. Available in FDE, Gray, and Black, custom camouflage patterns can be created when combining kits.
Materials:- 30% Fiber filled Nylon
Package includes:- 1x Hand stop- 4x Keymod Cover panels (set of 2 halves) - 1x Front End cap- 1x Rear End cap
Features- Low profile, snag free design- Modular, interlocking panels- Protects your hand from excessive barrel heat- Included hand stop for increased control

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