XCORTECH X3500W Handheld Wireless Chronograph (X3500W)

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Features:Measures muzzle velocity from 30 m/s ~ 400+ m/s (90 fps ~ 1200+ fps)Calculates muzzle kinetic energy from 0.01~999 jouleHigh quality DOT Matrix backlit LCD displayRemovable wireless display with tactical rail mountRotating display allows the LCD screen to be mounted in various configurationsExternal micro-USB power inputEnlarged shooting tube (38mm) to easily line up your gunHigh density IR detector for fired projectilesSix memory options for saving various ammo weight and calibersShot memory log of velocity & rate of fireCalculate min/max, E-S (extreme spread), AVG, S-D (standard deviation) via shot memoryEnergy per-unit area calculationS-D standard deviation analysisExtreme speed calculationEnergy per unit area calculation.Reinforced PC panelTripod ready (Screw for standard camera / camcorder tripods)Muzzle velocity range: 30-400+ m/s (90 - 1200+ fps)R.O.F. range: 100-6000 RPMMuzzle energy range: 0.01~9999 JoulePower: 2x AA Battery, 2x AAA Battery, External Micro USB - Batteries Not IncludedWeight: 72g, 200gDimensions: 84.5mm x 59mm x 31mm, 108mm x 87mm x 66mmX3500 Product Brochure: please click hereX3500 Manual: please click here

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