JAG Airsoft Green Gas with Silicone Oil Can


Green Gas is a required component for all airsoft gas pistols, gas rifles, and gas sub machine guns. Green gas have two main purposes: to act as a propellant for the BB, and to fuel the blow back system. Silicone oil is mixed with this compressed gas, which helps lubricate your airsoft gas gun's seals during operation. Properly lubricated seals will help increase the lifespan of your gas gun, and minimize any failures out on the field.

Manufacturer: JAG Precision
Model: High Performance Race Green Gas with Silicone Oil
Weight: 8 oz per Can ( Maximum Limit Per DOT)
Nozzle Length: 5/8
Output Pressure: 115 +/- PSI at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit
Package Includes: 1x Can


  • Compressed Gas with Silicone Oil Added
  • For Airsoft Use Only
  • ESA Approved Environmentally Safe Propellant
  • DOT-SP 15593 Approved

Shipping Capacity:

Maximum of 72 cans per 1 HAZMAT fee.

Please Note:

  • This product can ONLY be shipped via GROUND SHIPPING
  • This product does NOT qualify for expedited shipping, USPS, or International Shipping (Including Canada and Puerto Rico)
  • This product CANNOT be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Catalina Island, or any Island States

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