Speed Airsoft M28 Tunable Trigger

SKU SA M28 TRIG B (SA3091)

Since the release of the SPEED M28/VSR-10 Precision Sear Group (SA3099), SPEED Airsoft has now developed matching triggers, which are meant to be companion products to work with the SPEED Precision Sear Group in enhancing the performance of the M28 and VSR-10 much further.

The CNC milled SPEED M28 and VSR-10 Tunable Triggers provide more precision over the stock cast versions by allowing the forward pull to be adjustable, so that you can achieve the shortest and crisp trigger pull every time. The SPEED M28 and VSR-10 Tunable Triggers have a new geometry milled into the sear surface to allow for a lighter and smoother trigger pull. These tunable triggers also use a precision ground pivot pin for a slop free operation.

Part# SA3090 SPEED M28 Tunable Trigger (Silver)
Part# SA3091 SPEED M28 Tunable Trigger (Black)

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