About Us

Since its inception the Echo1USA brand has strived to provide our clients with uncompromising quality of products and customer service. As avid Airsoft players ourselves, we are able to understand the needs of the sport and the frustration with inferior products. Our commitment to yielding the finest most affordable Airsoft Guns and Accessories on the market today is steadfast, and remains the foundation of our continued success.

In fact, because of our progress, Echo1USA is the first non Japanese company to be approved for sale in Japan by Air Soft Gun Kai (ASGK) which is the regulatory commission for Airsoft in Japan. Echo1 USA has made Airsoft one of the fastest growing sports in the world! and it’s now more accessible and affordable then ever before. We’re passionate about the sport, and the excitement of watching it grow keeps us eager to find new ways to reinvent ourselves daily.

As Echo1USA grows with the game, a vital component to our objectives is keeping the sport safe. Much like our commitment to quality and durability, if our product is not safe we won’t put the Echo1 USA name on it.

When Echo1USA announced/released its line of Automatic Electric Guns (AEG) it instantly created a whole new level of airsoft products; Working Class Airsoft; the Echo1USA brand is referred to as The Working Class for two simple reasons; It Works and its affordable enough for the average working class enthusiast/hobbyist/player. Before Echo1USA brand enthusiast/hobbyist/player were forced to choose high-end expensive products of average performance or low-end low performance junk. Now one can have high-performance at a price nearly everyone can enjoy!