Bravo Airsoft "Kydex" Holster for Pistol with Flashlights


Bravo Airsoft "Kydex" Holster for pistol with flashlight.

BRAVO KCH - FL - compatible with Hi-Capa style up to 5.4in barrel version. Echo1 TAP, Echo1 Cyclops, JAG Arms TTI Combat Master, Echo1 HAVAK, Echo1 Quasa, JAG Arms GMX 4.3, JAG Arms GMX 5.1. EMG TTI Combat Master, Elite Force Glock 19, Elite Force Glock 17, Elite Force Glock 34. Compatible lights: Bravo, Olight, Surefire X300, Streamlight TLR-1 styles.

is the real deal "Kydex"

kydex holster for pistols without flashlight - BRAVO KCH

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