BRAVO Airsoft P15 Flashlight and Green Laser Combo with Pressure Pad


Brand: Bravo Airsoft
Model: P15 BLK/GRN
Material: Plastic
Lumen: 280 (estimated)
Laser Color : Green
Modes: Momentary Light Only, Constant On Light Only, Constant On Laser Only, Constant On Laser/Light
Battery Type: 2 x CR123 (not included)

WARNING: Aiming a Laser at an AIRCRAFT is a FEDERAL Crime. Avoid direct eye exposure.
For Airsoft Use Only!
Follow battery safety procedures when you use your light or laser. Discard expired, damaged or corroded batteries immediately. Leaving operating lights in gun cases or any areas with minimal heat dissipation will cause overheating and battery explosion. Always make sure your light is off and will not be accidentally turned on during storage or transportation. For products equipped with pressure switch, improper placement of the pressure switch on your gun may activate your light or laser when stored in gun cases or other areas. Always make sure pressure switch is fastened to your airsoft gun in a way where it will not be accidentally pressed to activate your light, causing overheating and safety concerns.

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