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This website is intended for adults 18+ and over. We do not sell to minors. Find the best price by supporting and shopping at an authorized Echo1 dealer.
This website is intended for adults 18+ and over. We do not sell to minors. Find the best price by supporting and shopping at an authorized Echo1 dealer.

Echo1 Full Metal M14 Combat Master in Black

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The Echo1USA M14 EBR Combat Master is a variant of the M-14 that fulfills multiple roles as a battle rifle. It is shortened a few inches from the regular M-14 and has a collapsing stock, making it compact for urban operations as well as powerful and accurate enough for a DMR role.
Specs and Features:
  • A tactical railed version of the M14
  • Able to fulfill the sniper role if needed
  • Reinforced with steel internals and pre-upgraded for field use
  • Using a Milspec buffer tube and real type pistol grip for customizing
  • Rigid metal frame to increase accuracy

Charging Handle

The charging handle is metal, giving it a realistic feel when you rack it.

Front and Rear Sights

The ghost ring sights are adjustable and made for precise shooting at any distance.

Sling Loops

There are several sling loops front and back, allowing you to configure your sling any way you want.

Rear Wired 6-Position Crane Stock

The M14 EBR Combat Master is wired to the rear with a 6 position adjustable crane stock. The buffer tube is mil-spec dimensions so it will take most aftermarket stocks available.

Monolithic Rail System

There is plenty of rail space for optics, bipods, lights, and lasers. You can configure the Combat Master for any mission.

2X High Cap Magazine

The Combat Master comes with 2 high cap magazines out of the box. They each hold 440 rounds to keep you in the fight for extended games. There are also mid-capacity magazines available separately.

  • Model Number:JP-89
  • FPS (Feet Per Second):405
  • Weight:9.0 lbs. (4.08 kg)
  • Features:Tactical M14 for DMR role
  • Product Support:30 day limited warranty
  • Inner Barrel Length:420mm
  • Overall Length:36/39in
  • Barrel Caliber:6.05mm
  • Magazines Included:2
  • Magazine Capacity:440 rounds
  • Magazine Type:High Cap
  • Recommended BB:.25g or Higher
  • Power source:8.4v crane battery
  • Battery and charger included:yes
  • Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Ready:yes Echo1 lipo
  • Battery Included:yes (8.4v Ni-MH nunchuck)
  • Battery Location:Crane stock
  • Battery Rate of Fire (Default Battery):12
  • Battery Rate of Fire with 8.4v:12
  • Battery Rate of Fire with 9.6v:14
  • Battery Rate of Fire 11.1 Echo1 LiPo:16
  • BB Caliber:6mm
  • Bearing Size:6mm Steel Bushing
  • Body type:Metal
  • Gearbox Reinforced:V7 reinforced shell
  • Gearbox Type:V7
  • Motor Type:Long Torque Motor
  • Sights included:Metal fixed front/adjustable rear
  • Outer Barrel Construction:One piece metal
  • Metal Specifics:most of the gun
  • Plastic Specifics:crane stock and pistol grip
  • Scope Mount:Railed option for optics
  • Sling Attachment:Metal front and rear
  • Spring Guide:Metal with ball bearings
  • Stock Type:M4 style with Milspec buffer tube
  • Gear Specs:Standard V7 steel gears
  • Hop Up:M14 Unit with MadBull Bucking
  • Piston Body:Nylon and second tooth shaved
  • Piston Head:Ported
  • Type of Spring:M120
  • Wiring Harness:Rear wired with no fuse