Madbull Airsoft DUMMY Foam Grenade Power Shot 2


A new way to play!
Create your own game and play with PS-02

Powder Shot 02 Toy Foam Hand Grenade Dummy Edition
Specially design for Paintball / Airsoft use during the game.
It is extremely light (90% made of foam), act like real (sponge, pin, and dummy hammer), and cheap (MSRP less than $10 each.)

3 Different colors: OD / Blue / Black

This is the Dummy version. Gas and Party popper version will be available in late July 2008. All components are upgradeable and exchangeable from Dummy version to Gas and Party Popper version.

We will also unlimited supply sponges and pins directly from our website at low price. You will never worry about losing your sponges and pins. ($2.5 for a set not including actual shipping cost)

(1) This is a dummy hand grenade but still play with care
(2) Never bring it to public area
(3) Never bring to Airport / Airplane
(4) Consult your local government for regulation
(5) Never throw to human or animals
(6) Always wear goggle at all time
(7) You have to agree all terms and conditions before purchase
(8) Check our website for updated info

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