Madbull Airsoft Stainless Steel SteelBull Tight Bore Barrel 6.03id


Madbull has crafted another gem in its product line with its new Stainless Steel 6.03 precision inner barrels. Our products are renowned for their high quality, affordability, and dependability, so it is no surprise that our Stainless Steel barrel will be a highly sought-after internal upgrade. Madbull takes no short cuts in providing an immaculately finished inner barrel for increased precision and the highest standard of durability. Get the absolute most out of your airsoft rifle by purchasing Madbull's new gorgeous Stainless Steel 6.03mm upgrade inner barrel.

Package include:- 1x Madbull 6.03mm Stainless Steel inner barrel
Features:- Immaculate stainless steel finish- Increased precision- Upgrade inner barrel- Highest quality- Strength and durability

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