Madbull Airsoft TROY Battle Axe Grip with Medium Motor


Excellent ergonomics and the enduring strength of advanced, high grade polymer shape the new Troy Battle Ax Pistol Grip. This no-nonsense grip sets your hand close to the receiver and the fine tuned angling leads your arm and shoulder into a high-comfort, high-contour zone. In fact, the compact length assures you get a perfect grip every time. The Enhanced AX CQB features more aggressive scale pattern for a solid grip. The Troy battle axe grip also comes with a medium head motor! This motor is designed to handle whatever you can throw at it! The Troy Battle Ax CQB grip and medium motor combo instantly gets you closer to the Troy look and feel you want! Package include:

Motor plate
Motor height screw
Mounting hardware
Medium Shaft Motor
Motor Spring


Perfect grip every time
Unique scale texture provides comfort and a functional non slip surface
Durable polymer
Authentic Troy Industries Battle Ax Grip trademark
High Contour Zone
Medium Shaft Motor for CQB

Compatible with Echo 1, Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, King Arms, G&P, JG, Bravo, and any other Tokyo Marui spec AEG m4.

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